Travel Social Summit: getting social media right

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On Tuesday 26th March from 8.30am at our London HQ, we’ll be hosting our Travel Social Summit 2019 looking at the biggest innovations, challenges and need-to-knows for travel brands on social media. Our Head of Partnerships, Garrett Dearey, will lead a panel of expert speakers from across the travel sector (TBA) to discuss the opportunities and pitfalls, and what the future holds for travel brands online.

Today’s travel brands have a lot to get their heads around when it comes to digital marketing. It is increasingly important in the travel space, with a combined US$750 billion spent on online travel globally in 2018. But with a cacophony of platforms, functionalities, ad options and influencers, it’s often hard to know where to start.

Our Travel Social Summit is here to help. During the session, we’ll be examining several key trends that can redefine how travel brands reach and engage with audiences online.

We’ll be looking at areas like dark social – no longer a niche phenomenon, but how the mainstream digital user behaves. How does this ‘secretive’ method of sharing content impact travel marketers’ ability to properly track and attribute their digital marketing activities? And what does it mean for brands looking to create content that people are interested in and want to share?

We’ll delve into the social media and responsibility – the impact on the environment and local communities from the rise in ‘Instagrammable destinations’, and what brands could be doing to protect them.

We’ll be opening the discussion up to the floor, asking our audience for the areas that are most pressing for them as brands operating in the travel space.

Join us in London for this interactive panel discussion on the 26th March, where we’ll be delving into some of the biggest digital trends shaping travel today. Sign up now.

Please note, these events are highly attended and as such operate on a waitlist basis.