Vodafone is all about forging the best connections between you and the people you care about, even if it means encouraging families to moderate their screen time to enjoy more quality time together.

Which is why, this weekend for Father’s Day (Sunday, June 16th), we’re helping Vodafone on its mission to get families better connected by encouraging dads to put down their devices for the day.

Kicking off earlier this month, we helped Vodafone partner with a number of Father influencers - including The Diary of a Dad, London Dad, Life of Riley Family, Daddy to Triplet Girls, Daddy and Dad and more - to spread the word of a #ScreenFreeFathersDay and encourage their army of dad followers to do the same.

Over the last week, each influencer has shared an individually shot launch video announcing their support to their following and a ‘Talk to the Tots’ video - where they asked their kids exactly what they are looking forward to on Father’s Day and spending more quality time together.

On Sunday (Father’s Day), each influencer will post the below graphic on their Instagram channel, before switching off all their devices for the day. We encourage those brave enough to switch on your social ‘out of office’ to download it and do the same.

After they’ve had one day of uninterrupted family time, each influencer will then share a video of what they got up to with their kids on the day, showing just how connected families can be - even device free.

Vodafone will be supporting this influencer mission with a promoted trend around #ScreenFreeFathersDay on the 15th June, along with a series of edits of the influencers’ content which will be pushed out through the brand’s UK social channels.

By getting dads to put their devices to the side for the day, #ScreenFreeFathersDay is helping Vodafone on its mission to encourage families to moderate screen time.