Tackling electric scepticism with Audi

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The electric car revolution is here and the idea of our roads being quieter, cleaner and filled with futuristic vehicles is an amazing prospect. However, electric cars are still seen as niche and surrounded by misconceptions. For example, one in ten people in the UK believe you can’t get an EV wet – a stat unbelievable in itself.

Through social, Audi UK wanted to get more people into the consideration phase for their 100% electric car, the e-tron. Together we saw an opportunity to tackle a bigger category problem in an idea that will crush some of the biggest electric vehicle myths out there, while positioning the e-tron as the perfect vehicle to do it in.

In a three-part video series published across Audi UK’s Facebook and Instagram accounts, ‘e-tron Charge Ahead’ puts TV presenters, Ortis Deley and Georgie Barrat, inside the Audi e-tron. They head off on a road trip from the UK to the home of the e-tron in Brussels.

The campaign, which launched this week, kicks off with 15-second cut-down edits of the full episodes, targeted across Facebook and Instagram, which aims to drive fans through to the full 4-minute episodes; all viewable while staying inside the Facebook and Instagram platforms.

To ensure the videos would be the most effective on social, showcasing a single EV myth in each cut-down and landing the Audi brand in the first three seconds was key.

In the full episodes, our presenters use a combination of the instant electric power, and cutting edge tech inside the e-tron to debunk as many EV myths as possible on their journey.

Some of the popular myths debunked in the episodes are that electric cars are not built to go off-road, they are not fun to drive, and can’t be taken on long road trips.

We also made use of our presenters’ social channels, as Ortis and Georgie announced their part in the myth-busting road trip to their Instagram following.

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Me and this one are on a 2-day road trip to Brussels with the @audiuk #etron just because… Well why not?! #ad

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As the campaign progresses, we’ll retarget people that have engaged with the films, serving them an e-tron car configurator, built inside a Facebook Instant Experience (previously known as Canvas ads). This allows Audi fans to design and customise their own e-tron and even follow through to place an order.

‘e-tron Charge Ahead’ is the latest piece of work in a series of activations to bring the 100% electric Audi to the masses of the UK.  By working closely with Audi UK, fans of the brand can now move from ‘Awareness’ to ‘Education’ and even all the way through to customise and purchase, all on social.