Overtourism and the Instagram Effect

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On Wednesday 25th of September from 8.30am at our London HQ, we’ll be hosting a breakfast briefing with a panel of experts from across the travel sector to discuss the increasing issue of overtourism and the role social media plays in fueling and, more importantly, fixing this issue.

When it comes to where we jet off to on our holidays, social media platforms – Instagram, in particular – are playing an increasingly important role in influencing where and when we go away, and what we must see and do once we reach our destination. 

A recent study into the ‘Insta effect’ found that 40 per cent of consumers under 30 now prioritise how Instagrammable a potential destination is above other factors when booking where to go. 

But, while this increased awareness and willingness to travel to unique and breathtaking destinations may sound like a dream to travel marketers, there are downsides to having the perfect ‘grammable destination.

Over the last few years, some of the world’s most impressive landmarks and shareable holiday destinations have started to be blocked off from the public. Not due to safety issues, but as a result of the sheer amount of footfall from visitors trying to get that perfect influencer-inspired shot for social. 

From London’s Notting Hill to Thailand’s Maya Bay, photogenic bucket list destinations – such as Venice, Bali and Machu Picchu – have all been feeling the impact of overtoursim. 

So what can, and should, travel brands and marketers be doing to help protect the local environment and communities of the destinations they’re promoting? And how can social media be used as a force for good, as well as promotion? 

Join us on Wednesday 25th September to find out more. Sign up now to secure your place.