Launching Think Forward >> 2020: Decoding the new rules of social

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Join us on November 7th from 8:45am at our London office, when we’ll be hosting an exclusive breakfast to launch our annual Think Forward trend report.

Historically, the internet has been a wild west, exempt from the rules and restrictions of the physical world. But this culture of lawlessness – while seemingly freeing – has come with its share of consequences.

As a result, 2019 has seen the wild west get a little less wild. As users, creators, platforms, authorities alike have each begun to create new rules and laws to help mitigate some of the damage in a landscape that’s been too free for its own good.

However, this is no bad thing. By understanding the latest trends driving the use of social media and people’s attitudes towards it, brands can turn these new constraints into opportunities for creativity and innovation. Proving that the internet is still the land of opportunity it once was.

Throughout this session, our Head of R&I Paul Greenwood will be outlining the key findings from this year’s report, before welcoming a panel of experts from across media, entertainment and culture. They’ll discuss how the new rules of the internet – if used properly – can inspire brands to break out of the status quo and engage with audiences in ways that respect this cultural shift.

Tickets are on sale for this exclusive breakfast now. Brand-side marketers should email [email protected] for complimentary tickets.

Each attendee will be given a copy of the Think Forward >> 2020 report.