Special Report

Think Forward 2020

The new rules of social

We connect people and brands in a meaningful way. That’s why Think Forward 2020 unpicks the complex and ever shifting web of consumer behaviour online, and explores the role brands can play in reflecting and shaping it.

Historically, the internet has been exempt from the rules and restrictions of the physical world. But this year, the Wild West got a little less wild. Instagram hiding public likes, clampdowns on #ads, the Fyre Festival fallout; these shifts in the digital landscape are evidence of a new set of rules being enforced by users, creators, platforms and authorities. In 2020, brands will need to walk the line.

key takeouts

Added value

People are placing
more value on digital
content and creators

Social Self-Care

People are
their digital lives

Bad Influence

There’s a growing backlash
against influencer culture
and the metrics that drive it

Overt Privacy

Private digital spaces
are gaining favour
over public ones

Running Commentary

People are engaging
with longer, more complex
narratives on social

Cultural Crossfit

There’s a mass merging
of cultures, categories,
verticals and genres

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