We Are Social’s Monday Mashup #585


TikTok is launching a new ad product; ‘Branded Missions’
In news bound to delight both brands and creators, TikTok has announced it’s launching a new ad product called Branded Missions. The feature will allow advertisers to crowdsource content from creators and turn top-performing videos into ads. Brands can develop a brief and release it to the creator community encouraging them to participate in Branded Missions. Creators can then decide which Branded Missions they want to participate in. TikTok has always been a creator-led platform and this update makes brand and creator relationships even more accessible.

YouTube unveils changes to its video player
Spending ages trawling through YouTube videos trying to locate the funny bits? The channel is now making it easier for its users to easily locate and watch the most replayed parts of a video. Users across desktop, iOS and Android will be able to use the feature which uses a grey graph to highlight the areas of a video that are most viewed. YouTube is also rolling out support for video chapters, the channels segmenting tool, as well as ‘Single Loop,’ which allows you to put an individual video on endless repeat. An ideal feature for Harry Styles fans around the world right now.

Twitter announces new misinformation policy
The misinformation crackdown continues on Twitter, with the platform announcing a new policy for dealing with the spread of false information during a period of crisis. The policy places focus on false reporting of events, false allegations involving weapons, or broader misinformation regarding atrocities. When an incident happens, it can be hard to control the information that is quickly shared on the channel. Under the new policy, tweets classified as misinformation will not necessarily be deleted or banned. Instead, Twitter will add a warning label requiring users to click a button before the tweet can be displayed.

TikTok offers a new way to credit creators
All trends have got to start somewhere, but often the brains behind the content aren’t being credited in the way they should be. TikTok is aiming to make creator kudos easier with a new feature that will allow users to tag individual creators in video descriptions and specific videos. This will be a welcome change to the platform, as creators have previously gone on strike due to the lack of credit received for starting a viral trend. Time to give credit where credit’s due.

Twitter allows creators to host Super Follows-only Spaces
A Super Follows exclusive is coming to Twitter, with creators now able to host Spaces exclusively for their subscribers. The idea is that being a big fan will pay off, as subscribers will be able to join and request to speak in Super Follows-only Spaces. Normal subscribers can join and listen, but won’t have the option to request to speak. Creators can start a Super Follows-only Space by selecting the option when starting a new Space. Users who aren’t Super Following a creator will still see the Space but won’t be able to access it unless they subscribe.