How we used chatGPT to create the A.I.DEA Hotline

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At We Are Social, we’ve been exploring interesting, fun and novel ways to integrate AI tools into our creative workflow. As with all new technologies and innovations the more seamless, fun or invisible the tech becomes the quicker and more widely its used. Here, Creative Director, Kenneth Moore and Senior Creative Technologist, Pedro Garlaschi de Sousa, explain our latest AI experiment. 

When ChatGPT emerged, we saw the potential to have a bit of fun and try and challenge ourselves. It started with a simple integration of OpenAI and Google Docs where our creative briefing templates already live, which we called “Beat The Bot”. Just write the brief in sentence as a prompt at the bottom of the briefing template and chat GPT will instantly give five to ten answers. 

The idea was to challenge creatives to remove more obvious answers to the brief that machine learning could quickly get to before they work on the brief. And to inspire creatives to continue to think laterally and push towards more unexpected answers by “Beating The Bot”.

While the tool was a nice exploration and useful for the creative team, it wasn’t that educational and easily accessible for the whole agency. 

That’s when we came up with the “A.I.DEA Hotline”- an assistant that could answer any brief or “solve” any problem across the agency just by picking up the phone.

We started with an old phone skeleton bought on eBay, and removed almost all of the components and replaced them with a Raspberry Pi and an Arduino Nano board. When the handset is released, the small Arduino Nano triggers the whole flow of the Application. 

The Raspberry Pi runs a NodeJs application which uses Google text-to-speech to convert voice to a text sent to the open-ai API (GPT3) to request the answers. After receiving the answer (normally a few seconds), we convert the text back to audio and answer the user. 

The red phone now lives in our agency reception for clients, visitors and anyone else to play with. Anyone in the agency – our team or visitors – can pick it up and give a brief to ChatGPT, and hear the response back in real time. 

We believe that by presenting new innovations in playful ways we can both speed up and open up new doors to the way people behave and interact with technology. 

Over the next few months, we hope to see significant improvements in AI tools. Chat GPT should release its new version GPT-4, which promises to be a hundredfold more powerful than GPT-3. Watch this space!

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