We Are Social’s Monday Mashup #619


Meta is testing a BeReal-like ‘Roll Call’ feature in Messenger

Much like BeReal, Meta is internally testing a ‘Roll Call’ feature in Messenger, which invites users to share a photo or video of what they’re up to in real time. Only users who add to the Roll Call can see their friends’ uploads, although there is no restriction or encouragement to post at any particular time. Users can however kick start a Roll Call thread in a messenger group chat, e.g ‘share what you’re doing now’, seemingly encouraging authenticity between more intimate groups as opposed to a wider circle of followers. Instagram is rumoured to be working on a similar feature.

Snapchat rolls out new Sounds features to make it easier to create content

After recently revealing that their app is reaching over 750 million users, Snapchat has upped the ante with its new music features that will allow users to add licensed song clips and excerpts from TV and films. Now users will be able to find relevant clips to match their images, much like the feature available on Instagram stories. Snapchat is also rolling out a sounds feature that will automatically sync music to a montage of videos in rhythm with the beat of the track – sound familiar? The feature will also “lead fans to listen to the full song on streaming services”, encouraging a collab with the likes of Apple Music and Spotify.

YouTube launches a multi-language audio feature for dubbing videos

YouTube has launched multi-language audio tracks that will allow users to reach an international audience by giving the option of dubbing to new and existing videos. Although the technology has been created by YouTube, creators will have to work with third party dubbing providers to create their audio tracks. It is, therefore, up to creators which languages they choose to output their videos. The trial of this feature has proved hugely successful, but it is only available to numbers in the thousands as it stands. What could this mean for creators, if all videos become internationally reachable?

In other news

Instagram is set to allow collaboration between more than two users – could this get confusing? TikTok has enabled the download of videos without a watermark – finally! Instagram is rolling out a new menu option called ‘Suggested Content’ – could this potentially serve as more accurate than the ‘for you’ page? Watch this space for more info on the latest in social.