Digital 2023: What We Learned


We recently held events and a global webinar to discuss findings from our Digital 2023 reports.

Our Global Chief Strategy Officer, Mobbie Nazir and Head of Research and Insight, Paul Greenwood hosted the Digital 2023 webinar last Thursday. They discussed how consumer behaviours are changing, resulting in an increase of continued growth in digital ad spend across 2023, and particularly in social media. 

If you missed the webinar, you can watch it below.

In London, our in-person event hosted guests from across the media and was presented by our Chief Strategy Officer, Harvey Cossell, who was joined by guest panel Murad Ahmed, Tech Editor at the Financial Times, Sarah Leach, Global Social Media Manager at Sweaty Betty and Commercial Semiotician and Cultural Analyst, Ashley Mauritzen. Each panellist offered a unique perspective into digital trends within their field, and provided an insight into what the future of social media might look like for companies and consumers. 

One of the key points of discussion was the TikTokification of platforms, and specifically the rise in short form videos. Other platforms have heavily invested in features that mirror those of TikTok – Instagram for example, has recently shifted its focus to reels over still grid posts. 

Personalisation was another talking point, where Ashley pointed out that essentially ‘‘millennials have carved out this world that serves them seamlessly’ from image making, personalisation, user journey to convenience in gaining information, entertainment, and even the purchase of products. 

In Italy, we welcomed clients, prospects and journalists to discuss the Digital 2023 findings. Our host, Elisabetta Andreoli, Marketing & New Business Director, was joined by Jerome Courtial, Head of Strategy; Marta Prosperi, Strategy Director; Andrea Lombardi, Media & Distribution Director; Giuseppe Schiavone, Editorial Director and Donato Falotico, Research & Insights Director, to explore some of the biggest headlines from the report, as well dive into digital behaviours, focusing on both the evolution of Influence Marketing and of content strategy.

Digital 2023 – Milan

In addition, a couple of trends from our Think Forward report were used to tell the story of social behaviour evolution, substantiating our belief that “culture moves at the speed of social”.

Read our full report here.