We Are Social’s Monday Mashup #673


TikTok starts labelling externally created AI content

TikTok will be the first platform to label content that has been modified by AI. Working with the Coalition for Content Provenance and Authenticity (C2PA), videos uploaded to TikTok will be scanned for AI markers and highlighted when detected. TikTok already has compulsory labels for content created within its own AI tools but these new labels will extend to AI generated content created externally. 

Image credit: TikTok

The feature currently works on image and video content and will be coming to audio-only content soon. TikTok also plans to start attaching labels that will remain on content when downloaded. This will mean that users will see when content has been created by AI even when it has been shared outside the app. 

Meta adds new AI tools for ads

Meta is adding a set of new generative AI tools for advertisers as part of its Ads Manager tool kit. Firstly, Meta is improving its AI image generation for ad campaigns with advertisers now being able to use their own original images as a reference. Along with written prompts, users can input their image and Meta’s AI tool will generate new backgrounds, edit the design style, add or remove elements, and more.

Image credit: Meta

Meta’s also expanding its text variation feature, which will now also be able to create variations for ad headlines. And, users are also now able to create text overlays on their ad content. 

X is adding more AI tools for advertisers 

X is also expanding its AI features, allowing advertisers to soon create ad audiences for their campaigns. Advertisers will be able to input a description of their target audience for their ads, and X’s AI system will generate the most relevant users to target. The AI system will provide an overview of top users, including their interests, location, etc., and advertisers can then further refine the target audience based on the results. X has yet to announce an exact date for the feature’s launch, with the only guidance being that it’s ‘coming soon’.

Image credit: X

Meta adds new features to its business subscriptions 

Meta is expanding its Verification for Business subscription package – a.k.a. Instagram and Facebook’s blue tick. Up until now, the option was only available in select regions, but now businesses in Argentina, Mexico, Chile, Peru, France and Italy now have access to the package. 

Image credit: Meta

As well as expanding to new countries, Meta is also introducing new subscription package options. There are four options, each offering a range of different add-on benefits at various price points. These benefits include not only receiving a blue tick, but also features such as the ability to include links in Reels, having your profile appear ‘at or near the top of search results,’ and dedicated colour palettes for customer chats

In other news

Bluesky adds DMs and other in-feed updates. Meta is testing cross-posting from Instagram to Threads. Threads have made it easier to see post views. TikTok is holding a free content creation webinar. Instagram expands Creator Marketplace to ten new markets. Instagram reveals its algorithm prefers Reels shorter than 90 seconds