We Are Social’s Monday Mashup #674


X adds new features to Communities 

X is updating its Communities feature to include its own dedicated space and timeline. Communities currently has its own tab on X where users can join groups around specific topics and interests. The revamped version of Communities will include improved discovery tools, recommendations, search and sorting options. With the updates, X users will be able to discover trending posts from Communities directly from an Explore tab within the Communities section. And, Communities recommendations will also appear on the X timeline and be searchable in the search bar. 

Image credit: X

TikTok is testing a new collaboration feature 

TikTok is testing a new collaboration feature, which will enable users to tag collaborators on a post. The post will then link both tagged profiles – similar to Instagram’s collaborator tagging feature. Users will be able to invite up to five other users on a collaboration post, and those tagged will have to approve the collaboration. However, only the original poster will be able to edit the content.

Image credit: TikTok

TikTok tests generative AI in search results 

TikTok is testing using generative AI in its search results page. The new feature, called AI Smart Search, uses ChatGPT to produce snippets of information at the top of the search results page. Examples include finding recipes, looking for travel recommendations and product reviews. This new feature is similar to its existing “search highlights”  which are not labelled as AI-generated, but do also show up at the top of search results. 

Image credit: TikTok

Reddit is partnering with OpenAI

Reddit is working with OpenAI to integrate information from Reddit into ChatGPT and other OpenAI projects. Firstly, OpenAI will use information from Reddit in ChatGPT to help provide more insightful answers and help users discover Reddit communities. Reddit will also be integrating new AI-powered features into the platform using OpenAI’s existing AI models. Finally, as part of the partnership, OpenAI will also become a Reddit advertising partner.

Threads tests pinned columns 

Threads is testing a new pinned columns feature on the web – similar to Twitter’s old Tweetdeck. Users can currently pin their favourite searches, accounts, saved posts and notifications. The feed can also automatically refresh for faster updates. 

Image credit: Threads

In other news

TikTok tests 60-minute video uploads. Instagram has launched an interview series with creators. Threads starts its own fact-checking program. Threads adds recent filter for search results. X’s Grok is now available in the EU. Instagram tests Notes on Feed and Reel posts. Meta will be shutting down Workplace in 2025. Instagram is testing a new “Peek” feature. LinkedIn adds a new DM feature to its mobile app. Post shares are now key to improving Reach on Instagram.