We knew the importance of practicing safe social distancing, and it was highlighted even more when the United Nations released their global call for creatives to save lives and fight the spread of coronavirus.

The official guidance is to stay home and avoid gathering in groups or with people who are more vulnerable and if you do have to go out, to always maintain at least 2 metres distance yourself and anyone else.

But we noticed that a number of people were either flouting that advice or taking extreme measures to protect themselves so we wanted to do something about it. We focused on Snapchat’s audience of largely millenials and Gen Z, to educate their reach of 218 million people every day how to practice safe social distancing in real-time.

But rather than just talking at them, or down to them, we wanted to use our Snap Safe Lens and AR proximity technology to enable them to see, and engage with the 2 metre safe zone while they’re out and about for essential trips.


Launching on a platform with a daily reach of 218 million people, Snap Safe aims to educate a global audience about how to put safe social distancing into action.

We have submitted Snap Safe to the UN creative challenge and to scale it further we will be developing the next iteration for Instagram Filters, built on a completely different codebase.

Targeting people in locations where social distancing matters most is huge so we’d like to find a backer to allow us to geotarget supermarkets with ads directing their customers to protect themselves with our AR Lens.

We’d love to support that by launching a localised billboard campaign so that we can target people in supermarkets, and begin engaging influencers to use the Lens, spreading the reach and raising awareness of the message.

Immediate success is as many people as possible using the filter to understand and adhere to the 2 metre social distancing protocol. But the wider goal is a decrease in the spread of Covid-19 around the world.