Meta ‘Queens of The Metaverse’

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The Brief

Our goal was to create a positive, newsworthy campaign that demonstrates what’s possible – for everyone – with Meta technologies.


We noticed a misconception that the Metaverse and Meta’s associated technologies, like VR and AR, are exclusive and techy. In fact, they’re designed for everyone, to help people create and express themselves.

To address this, we wanted to work with highly creative and expressive people. We landed on drag because this art form fosters a creative ecosystem of performers, designers and fans and it is reported that underrepresented groups such as the LGBTQIA+ community, feel safer expressing themselves online than they do in real life.

The Idea

“Queens of the Metaverse” was a unique creative collaboration between drag queens (and a king) and up-and-coming queer designers.

Three drag stars used social media to challenge queer designers to co-create extraordinary drag looks in VR.

The virtual and the physical collided as our drag stars unveiled IRL looks at an XR runway show in London, with Meta’s Spark AR tech bringing the outfits to life.

The message throughout? The metaverse fosters self-expression, visibility and inclusivity – for all of us.


Reaching a wide audience

A dynamic mix of organic, paid and influencer content delivered more than 500m impressions.

Educating the masses

At a time when most people didn’t understand what the metaverse was, we established a culture- and community-first approach to drive positive brand perception around Meta’s immersive technology.

Connecting with the community

By empowering the drag community and fandom, Queens of the Metaverse generated genuine community love from the drag scene and beyond. Our event, attended by more than 300 people, posted to a combined Instagram followership of more than 30m.