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Netflix ‘Yaass, Australia!’
Netflix ‘Yaass Australia!’ case study

The Brief

Netflix wanted to launch the second season of the American TV show Queer Eye in Australia with a local twist, to ensure the franchise will resonate. They needed a social idea that connected the unscripted show with a new audience, while providing something for existing fans of the show.


Queer Eye Season One provided us with lots of social conversation. From social listening, we learned the show had its own seriously quotable language – “Can you believe?”, “Strugs to func”, and “YAAASSSS, henny!” – that fans were incorporating into their conversations.


There’s a small rural town in New South Wales, Australia, called Yass. Coined by the cast in Season One, “Yassssssss Queen” is a phrase synonymous with Queer Eye. We connected the two in a local activation for the most extra play on words ever.

We created a custom episode of Netflix’s Queer Eye – exclusively for Australian social. “Yass, Australia” took the cast – The Fab Five – to the town of Yass (or, “Yassss!”) for their most ambitious makeover yet.

The shot-for-social episode was so successful it was added permanently to the Netflix platform.



The episode, shot for social, is now available on the Netflix platform to its over 200 million subscribers.

Smashing all KPIs

Over 22m video views, driving 82.3m impressions and 550k engagements.


George changed his outlook for good. Yass now sees itself as an LGBTQI+ friendly community and attracts local and international tourists.


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