Pepsi: UCL Final Opening Ceremony 2022

Food & Drink Pepsi United Kingdom

The brief

Create cultural awareness – beyond just football fans – for Camila Cabello’s opening ceremony #PepsiShow at the UCL Final in Paris.

Our insight

We went against the grain to show there is space on TikTok for premium film making craft if content is devised for vertical social placements from the start. We captured the attention and excited music fans in their millions with a transition-led 30” highly crafted video that cut through the noise on TikTok.

The idea

The video narrative was structured around an enhanced magic outfit transition – taking what’s popular online on TikTok and elevating it using the full might of commercial production technology. Using a one-of-kind custom drone with a vertically mounted cinema camera shot on a 150 metre Hollywood green stage. This allowed us to create a magical world in post-production that tapped into Camila’s Latin American culture and personality, infused with her vibrant, fiesta world that complimented the festival energy of a UEFA Champions League final night.


High engagement

The collection of vertical campaign video content gained over 250 million views and 3 million likes across TikTok, Instagram and Facebook combined.

Breaking records

Our campaign resulted in the most successful branded TikTok Live ever. Now used as a best in class case study by TikTok to demonstrate how to drive massive awareness, hype and excitement around a TikTok live branded moment with vertical video.

High reach

The combined impact of the campaign resulted in over 2 million people tuning in to watch the opening ceremony show broadcast on TikTok LIVE on the night.


The video was authentic to Camila, becoming her most viewed, liked, commented and shared TikTok video ever.


Shorty Awards, 17 Apr 2023

We won gold in the vertical video category for this campaign.

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