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Uber Eats #BringIt case study

The Brief

The brief was simple: differentiate Uber Eats from other fast food retailers and increase brand love and engagement on social to maintain top-of-mind awareness during a time when more people than ever were at home ordering food.


Since lockdown began, streaming on Twitch saw a rapid surge in growth. Millions flocked to Twitch with viewership up 54.1% in 2020 (Twitch). The fast food delivery market had also got competitive.

Uber Eats used this insight to successfully talk to a hyper-engaged audience when the world was feeling particularly isolated.

Uber Eats wanted to tap into the native behaviours of the Twitch community, putting the brand right at the heart of it. Many brands have tried and failed at engaging this audience, so we needed to understand the platform, its users and their culture to successfully #BringIt.


Our dream was to take over the live streaming platform Twitch on launch day to deliver food and followers to unsuspecting streamers. We had to be best in class on the platform, using the hottest gamers, the latest audience behaviours and the many USP’s in the platform’s functionality to gain that competitive advantage.

Our influencers hosted two 120 minute streams on their channels and used Twitch’s unique Raids feature; giving each small streamer thousands of followers, an Uber Eats voucher code to redeem and recognition from their heroes.

We took over Twitch’s homepage with a Uber Eats ad takeover that drove viewers to the streams, created custom Emotes to accompany the campaign and drive further engagement. We also made use of Twitch’s unique highlights functionality to drive repeat views of the campaigns best bits. The campaign featured on Manny and Miniminter’s other social channels to drive further reach.



15 unsuspecting streamers were delivered food and followers when they needed it most.


70,000 people talked about the campaign on social, yes that’s uses of #BringIt.

4 million people

The campaign reached over 4 million people on Twitch.


All of our Uber Eats #BringIt voucher codes were snapped up within seconds.


People actually cried from our ads. This campaign delivered a level of brand love we’ve never seen before.


The Drum, 3 Apr 2020

Raids, bounty boards and influencers: what marketers need to know about Twitch.

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