Gen Z

This report gives you a sneak peak into the everyday lives of Gen Z, from all around the UK.

We wanted to get the know the real Gen Z - the unfiltered, unpolished and unedited version: what makes them get out of bed in the morning, what they want to achieve in life, and who is there to support them along their journey. Basically, what makes them tick.

It turns out they’re a paradoxical generation who live in a world of apparent contradictions. This report will help you to make sense of that world. It offers you a unique perspective into how they communicate in social and IRL, how their friendship groups are formed and maintained, and how they perceive brands. We even have screen shots of their screen time.

Get yourself a cup of tea, put your feet up and discover the next big generation - Gen Z.

Carlotta is a fashion student from London who used to play competitively for Tottenham Hotspur.

From Glasgow, Ruby 22, loves practising Reiki, the ancient Japanese art of using touch to channel energy. When she isn’t doing that, she’s studying photography.

JJ 18, is a music student. He is currently transitioning and uses Instagram to document the changes testosterone makes to his voice.

Darius, 19 is a photography student in London, who would most like to concentrate on capturing images of public disorder and rioting.

Jamie 19, from Birmingham is in between school and uni. He’s a K-pop fanatic, especially when it comes to BTS.

Alex 17, is from London and studies fashion. He loves three things: clothes, partying and walking his dog, a huge and fluffy old English sheepdog.

Zack 20, is marketing student from Manchester, who also loves food blogging. Interesting fact: Zack only wears yellow clothes.

An architecture student from Glasgow, Adam 20, sells limited edition shoes online to make extra cash. He once sold a pair for £3,000.

Elise 21, is a marketing student from Solihull. Before getting into marketing, she used to be a competitive ballroom dancer.

Jamie-Leigh 23, is a care worker from Solihull. She collects Disney globes and elephants. She has more than 50 now.

Jake is a freelance comedy writer from Manchester who taught himself guitar from YouTube videos. His band is touring the UK soon.

Sociology student Afua 18, is terrified of flying—still, she’s managed two flights in her life. She hails from Bristol.


Gen Z actively challenge their own mindset and refuse to be pinned down to a binary world. Brands are going to have to learn to accept this.


In a post-truth, fake news world, Gen Z crave new ideas, and is reimagining the way they inform and educate themselves. How can your brand challenge the way they think?


Gen Z have found new ways to speak their mind and find the like-minded in the digital age. For brands, it’s all about finding the right niches.


Consuming and sharing content has never been more transient. GenZs are now putting more emphasis on the physical. Digital isn't everything.


Influence is still key to your marketing strategy but now it’s time to focus on credibility if you want to get Gen Z on side.


Gone are the days of definable subcultures — Gen Z can’t be boxed by just one definition. Brands have to be far more fluid too.

What's inside this report

A deep dive study into the world of Gen Z using an immersive research technique: ethnography—a qualitative methodology grounded in anthropology. We validated the study with supplementary data to give a fuller and richer context of their lives.

Download We Are Gen-Z report
Download We Are Gen-Z report

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