We Are Social: Tuesday Tune-Up #13


Here are the top 10 stories making headlines in social media this week;

1. CMOs to increase spend in social media
Online marketing strategies are ever changing and keeping on top of it can be a difficult task. In light of this, findings in a recent study in eMarketer conducted by IBM show that 82% of the CMOs surveyed plan to increase their investments in social media in the next 3-5 years.


2. Google+ adds brand pages, direct connect and focuses on Google elements
In a blog post this afternoon, Google launched brand pages on Google+, amongst a slew of other features – check out our recent post.

3. adidas launch the world’s first social football boots
Football boots have come a long way in the last few years, from being lucky to receive a choice of colour to the new addition of an on-board computer. However, adidas’ new boots may usher in a ‘whole new level of tactical analysis’.

The boots measure speed, distance travelled and top speed. As soon as a game is over, the data is wirelessly transmitted to your phone, computer or tablet. adidas hope it will see a rise in sports stars sharing their stats to the community, letting fans compete and discuss their own or their favourite athletes’ efforts in a new light.

4. Using tweets to knit the world’s longest football scarf
Football fans are known for being passionate. Now as part of the promotion for the new Fifa 2012 game, EA Sports are giving fans a chance to show their passion and see their tweets knitted into history as part of a world record attempt for the world’s longest scarf.

The current record is 53 km and at the time of writing, the Fifa scarf is 343 metres long meaning there is still a long way to go.

5. Burberry attempts ‘Mass Customisation’
This week Burberry launched an attempt at mass customisation with their Burberry Bespoke programme. The website allows people to design their own version of the company’s iconic trench coat. Prices for this piece of personalised luxury start at $1,800 and extend to $8,800, but according to Burberry, this offers customers 12 million different combinations of jacket, ensuring no two are the same.

If the price is a little steep, fans can still show off their creativity and customise a jacket to share with their friends on Twitter and Facebook.

6. Glamour US gets 50,000 ‘Likes’ by combining Facebook and 2D barcodes
The September issue of Glamour magazine generated over 50,000 Facebook ‘Likes’ for advertisers by including 2D barcodes with adverts. Glamour ran the codes, which were activated by over 100,000 users in total, in response to advertisers wishing to spur more readers to action.

The results show a strong uptake, proving that users are looking for a more interactive magazine experience. Glamour plan to repeat the approach in a later issue but say they will expand it to include e-commerce options.

7. Volkswagen giving away the world’s first Facebook vehicle – The Fanwagen
Volkswagen once again push the boundaries of social media with their new campaign that lets a fan win the world’s first Facebook car or van – the Fanwagen.

The campaign surrounds two of their classic models where fans are asked to vote on the one they want to be converted to the social-mobile. Once the winner is selected, they will win the vehicle, which has unusual features such as that ability to change your relationship status on the licence place and a ‘Like’ shaped gearstick.

The car certainly includes more gimmicks than you could shake a gear stick at, but we must admit we ‘Like’ it.

8. Kim Kardashian’s divorce sparks 9 trending topics on Twitter
After Kim Kardashian announced her divorce after just 72 days of marriage, it immediately became hot topic across the Internet, sparking a total of 9 trending topics on Twitter.

At the very peak of the conversation, as many as 1.75% of all tweets were about the Kardashian split. Trending Topics ranged from whimsical topics such as “#ThingsLongerThanKimsMarriage” to “72 Days”. Whether you love or hate the Kardashians, people sure like talking about them.

9. Google eBooks now in Australia

Today, Google eBooks has launched in Australia. The platform claims to make it easy for people to discover, buy and read their next book across any device.

10. The digital readiness of Australian SMEs

The Optus ‘Digital Ready’ report, which surveyed 850 SMBs, has found that SMBs are divided on the importance of technology and digital strategy. Rohan Ganeson, MD, of Optus SME’s said:

When you consider that 93% of Australians access the internet daily and 71% use their smartphones to browse the web ….SMBs are missing out on potential opportunities … and we believe these expectations will increasingly require SMBs to operate in the digital space – if they don’t they risk falling behind.