State of Australian Social Media 2012


AIMIA & Sensis have released their second report into the way Australians and businesses are using social media. The report covers how social media is integrated into our everyday lives and provides some details on how businesses are benefiting from social media strategies.

“We access social media from the first thing in the morning, and throughout the day, with many of us checking our social media as the last thing we do before we go to bed. We use it to network professionally, connecting with our colleagues, but we hesitate before we connect with our boss as a Facebook friend. We acquired another ten social media “friends” in the past year, but we saw less than half our social media cohort face-to-face during the year. We use social media throughout our houses, from the biggest room, to the smallest. We use it when we watch television, and find that more often than not this adds to our enjoyment. Some of us create social media “aliases”, ranging from pets, children, sporting teams and stuffed toys. And despite the increasing emphasis on social media, most of us don’t think we spend too much time on social media, we reckon we have it just about right. Most of us do anyway…”