The Week According To The Internet #10


This week; monkeys in jackets, sexy pin-up cats, and the end of the world.

Grab a cup of tea and enjoy our round-up of the past 7 days on the internet.

NAUTICAL: But nice. We Are Social’s Christmas party was a great success!

DOOMED: Don’t miss the apocalypse – countdown to the end here.

SEXY: Cats that look like pin-up girls.

FIGHT: It’s Monsters vs Robots in sci-fi actioner Pacific Rim.

IMPORTANT: These cats from 2012.

AWW: Dog waits while toddler plays in puddle.

SUPER: Is it a bird? Is it plane? No…it’s Henry Cavill in the trailer for Man Of Steel.

ORCHESTRATED: Because instruments are so last week.

DAPPER: Monkey goes flat pack furniture shopping.

STATUESQUE: Become your own souvenir!

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