The Week According to the Internet #42


seth rogen james franco bound 3

This week; (hilarious) public dismay on a delayed Thanksgiving flight, Seth Rogen exposes all to James Franco and a naked man swings on a yoga ball.

Take a look at what’s gone viral this week!

KIMYE BE MAD: Seth Rogen and James Franco show Kimye how it should be done.

YOGA (WRECKING) BALL: All this man ever did was sc-a-are me.

NOTESGIVING: A feisty tale of Thanksgiving and delayed flights expressed on Twitter. It’s a rough ride.

HANGOVER IV: A nightmare of a drunk man trapped in a python’s belly.

LIVIN’ ON A THRONE: Karaoke fit for a king. Prince William duets with Taylor Swift & Jon Bon Jovi.

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