We Are Social’s Tune-Up #142


Welcome to this week’s Tune-Up!

Facebook will favour explicity-shared stories over autoshares
Facebook is planning to favour explicitly-shared stories over autoshares in the News Feed, but will not be axing autosharing entirely. So, if you open a ‘share to Facebook’ tab in a third-party app, add content and then share, more of your friends will see the post than if you automatically share your latest run or Spotify playlist. Autosharing isn’t going completely, probably because of the data’s importance to ad targeting.

Facebook seek patent to let under 13’s on the network
Although originally filed in November 2012, Facebook has just made public that it is working on providing a way for kids under 13 to be able to legitimately use the platform. Apparently Facebook has already been testing a system where kids accounts will be linked to their guardian/parent. The network did also say that whilst having applied for the patent two years ago, this doesn’t necessarily mean that it will end up making this functionality available, and it is up to regulators on whether they approve the application.

Billboard launch charts based on Twitter chat
Billboard is launching its ‘Real Time Charts’ with three new listings based on Twitter conversation: Trending 140, Top Tracks and Emerging Artists. The last of these is to be sponsored by Hollister, while McDonald’s, an exclusive partner for the entire feature, will use Twitter’s Amplify to promote it.

billboard-mcdonalds-hed-2014 (1)

Oreo create custom WeChat emoji app
Oreo is looking to connect families with a custom WeChat emoji app. The confectionery brand is encouraging families in China to take photos of themselves, which can then be applied to a series of templates and animated actions and shared with loved ones.


Westin’s social vending machine
Westin Hotels & Resorts is promoting its NY hotel with a social vending machine on 4th June. Between 9 and 10.30am, the machine will dispense 75 free sets of full running gear in exchange for a tweet that includes the brand’s handle, @Westin, along with the author’s size, gender and a unique code from the machine.

Kleenex and We Are Social UK create Facebook competition
Our London colleagues and Kleenex have created a campaign that centres around summery tissue ‘predicaments’, such as dropping an ice cream. The Facebook competition commences on 9th July; prizes will include a Campervan and a week-long holiday.

‘La Galerie d’Instagram’ premieres at Cannes Lions
Instagram is hosting a Cannes Lions competition, dubbed ‘La Galerie d’Instagram’. Any person or brand can enter up to three times by hashtagging a picture #InstagramCannes before 13th June. Three winners will be chosen on the 15th June, to coincide with the start of the festival, and selected based on quality and originality.

Uncovering the really important discussions
Melbourne’s The Wheeler Centre has just launched their #discuss campaign. The campaign aims to highlight the most important conversations currently missing from public discussion via tweets which are then printed on a total of 100 plaques to be placed around the city. Users simply need to use the campaign hashtag #discuss in their tweet to take part in the campaign which will run for 9 days.

For Laphroaig Single Malt Scotch Whisky your Opinion is very Welcome!
Are you a Laphroaig Single Malt Scotch Whisky drinker? If you are nodding your head, then this campaign is right up your alley! Just launched, the brand’s global advertising campaign titled #OpinionsWelcome is asking fans to share their own personal opinions of the whisky. Hubbed on a campaign microsite, and incorporating an array of online content including the below video with drinkers sharing their candid opinions, the campaign is expected to run throughout 2014. In addition, fans are also able to share their thoughts on the brand’s Facebook page, and on Twitter.

Comedian gets Domino’s to deliver #PizzaOnATrain
British comedian, Chris Ramsey, used the power of Twitter to persuade Domino’s to deliver pizza directly to his train for free. By repeatedly posting using #PizzaOnATrain, he got the brand to play along – here’s a selection of the tweets he posted – let’s hope it becomes a regular delivery option.