We Are Social’s Tuesday Tune-Up #159



New anti-ads kid on the block: Ello

Since arriving on the scene in July, new social media network, Ello, has started making waves receiving over 670,000 requests for membership globally in a week and openly attacking the likes of Facebook, Twitter, Tumblr, Google+ and Instagram. It operates on an invite-only basis and promises an ad-free, anti-data environment, appealing to consumers who are fed up with data collection and advertising typically employed by the key social players. Ello hasn’t trumped Facebook yet, but this underground movement may be one to watch.

Celebrities ask users to take a long, hard look at themSelfies.

Kirsten Dunst has just become the poster girl for the anti-selfie movement, having cut the self-indulgent social trend down a size via a short film in conjunction with Vs. Magazine. Titled Aspirational, it’s a clever parody of our behaviour towards celebrities coupled with social narcissism, and a tongue-in-cheek reminder that conversation and common courtesy should prevail the amount of likes/followers your infamous selfie obtains.


Facebook fans spend more than other customers

A four-year study of a ‘major grocery store’s Facebook page’ has found that Facebook fans purchase 35% more items than the average consumer. Those who engaged 10 times or more spent $1,000 more in each year. Sounds super – though always worth remembering correlation vs. causation.

Screen Shot 2014-09-29 at 12.19.36

Facebook rolls out Atlas

Facebook is launching its new ad platform, Atlas, which will allow marketers to target ads to Facebook users across other sites and mobile apps. It’s such a big move that it must feel like it’s got the weight of the world on its shoulders. Rubbish mythology gags, anybody? Well, it’s a titanic move. Herculean proportions. The sky’s the limit.

Twitter wants to target ads at film lovers

Twitter is beta-testing targeting ads for people who talk about films. In the future, it may be possible to target an ad to anyone who has mentioned an upcoming movie release, whether that be the title or a related keyword (character names, locations etc.) Good job it wasn’t around for Fight Club, eh?

Twitter trials interactive poll card

Twitter is testing a new card that will allow users to run polls natively on the site. Here’s how it looks on the platform (the polls don’t show up when embedded).



Starbucks sponsors Tumblr’s dot

Starbucks has sponsored the dot at the end of the Tumblr sign. The piece of punctuation has been previously been used to link users to specific content on certain days (Valentine’s Day, Pi Day) and is now being used for advertising on ‘National Coffee Day’. This could be a real opportunity for brands with a logo that looks something like a full stop.


Pinterest looks to up its ad game

Like Pinterest? Like advertising? This story might just be for you. Pinterest is testing a way for advertisers to target people in a database (such as an email list) on the site, with measurement tools to boot. Exciting, right? We told you so!

Compile your Amazon wish list on Twitter

Twitter users can now add an item to their Amazon wish list by tweeting. Link your two accounts, reply to any tweet containing an Amazon link, include #AmazonWishList and hey presto! The item’s now on your list.

BMW’s first ever Vines

BMW has created its first ever Vine campaign. It’s all cool and automotive-y, as you might expect. Nice work.


Triumph launches #nigglefix

Triumph, the lingerie company, has created a social campaign called #nigglefix, based on the old adage that ‘a niggle shared is a niggle halved’. The video below reveals all (not in that way).

Anti-IS #Notinmyname hashtag

The hashtag #Notinmyname is being used worldwide by Muslims who wish to show that the actions of IS are not in accordance with their religious views. The campaign has gained impressive traction, even being mentioned by Barack Obama.

Brands vs. brands on #bendgate

The iPhone 6 bends in your pocket! Everybody! The iPhone 6! It bends! In your pocket! Brands wanted to be funny about it. Some of them were, some of them weren’t. Win of the week went to KitKat, who outperformed Oreo’s famous Superbowl moment.




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