Music Video Night


“Music expresses that which cannot be put into words and that which cannot remain silent” – Victor Hugo

Music poster

There is something about music that manages to strike a chord with our soul – and whether we found them through a late night journey spiralling down the recommended videos on YouTube or a caught them with our cereal and milk on MTV Saturday morning, everyone has those videos that make songs ring even louder in our heart.

To draw creative inspiration from the way music videos connect with us, WAS’ first Music Video Night was held on Wednesday the 26th of November. The brief was short and simple: send in 3 of your favourite music videos to be showcased on the night. Anaconda was banned to maintain the integrity of the event.

On the night, a solid pair of studio speakers ensured we got our maximum *doof doof* on while a selection of liquor and nibbles quelled our hunger and thirst so we could enjoy the real feast experienced through the other senses.

IMG_2169 (1)

Creative vibes and discussion echoed throughout the night with everyone getting their audiovisual fix on. We watched enchanting animated universes, people dancing like no one is watching, scantily clad girls with disturbing faces, skateboards and explosions and much more. The wide range of music videos provided the opportunity to get to know our colleagues as we tuned in to each other’s different tastes and shared what our videos meant to us.

While the night saw music videos pulled from all corners of YouTube and Vimeo, here are a few hand-picked highlights:

Stay tuned and join us next time for Music Video Night Vol. 2!