We Are Social: Tuesday Tune-Up #232

Messenger codes make it easier to talk to Mark Zuckerberg’s dog

File this one under ‘solutions for non-existent problems’. Taking inspiration from Snapchat’s Snapcodes, Messenger has introduced codes that sit around your circular photo in the app that will take people to a new Messenger conversation with you. So far, this has allowed me to instantly message Beast, Zuck’s dog, who is fast becoming my new best friend, but other than that I’m not convinced this will have widespread uptake. To test this theory, here is my code. Send all applications to challenge Beast for my friendship below.

We Are Social Tuesday Tune-Up

A future Facebook chatbot?

After the ill-fated Tay chatbot experiment from Microsoft, you might have thought companies would be erring on the side of caution when it comes to launching new chatbot. If this was your line of thought, then you were wrong. Facebook’s looking likely to be the next big brand to get involved with a rumoured announcement of their chatbot likely to happen at this week’s F8 conference. Expect lots more news out of F8 over the coming days that will shape the future of Facebook.

Facebook updates its branded content policy
Verified pages will now be able to share branded content to Facebook thanks to a new tool that lets influencers tag a marketer when posting. This improves transparency and also lets marketers access analytics about their content’s performance, thereby keeping both parties happy. Lady Gaga has already gotten in on the action (or her social media team has, anyway) with this post clearly calling out the partnership with Intel.

We Are Social Tuesday Tune Up

Facebook introduces Live Video in Trending Topics

Clearly, it really is a busy time of year for Zuck&Co as the social media behemoth introduced live video in its trending topics this week. Now when you search Trending Topics, a red box saying ‘Live’ will come up next to topics being live-streamed. Slow news day for every other app, eh?

We Are Social Australia Tuesday Tune Up

Milkshakes designed for Instagram

Thanks for stepping in here, Instagram (we’ll disregard the fact you’re still part of Facebook…)! Someone over there has clearly been listening in on my dreams – US-based fast food company Sonic has partnered with chef Christine Flynn to create shakes designed for Instagram. Not only are they the perfect shape for your shots, but they are also available for ordering through Instagram during a live activation at this month’s Coachella festival. Sadly, this means no social media shakes for Australia, but if anyone is looking for a test audience in Sydney I am available for hire.


Periscope tests a new sketching feature

We all love Snapchat for its core premise that you can doodle all over your shots, and Periscope is now joining in on the sketching fun! Now in its second year, the live-streaming app is testing out sketching and letting beta users draw on top of the live stream. Right now there are only three colour options that fade after a few seconds, but they definitely add a wealth of new possibilities to the functionality of Periscope. Apparently, it should be rolling out more widely in the next few weeks.

Kik launches new chatbot shop
It’s not just Facebook’s chatbot that will be shaking the AI world up. Kik has partnered with 16 brands to create bots to chat you through the hard times. Visit Kik’s new Bot Shop to see the different bots from the likes of Vine, H&M and beauty brand Sephora.

Line introduces new stickers

Messaging app Line has added a new character to its Line Friends stickers who appears in the app and across its wide range of merchandise. Choco is the latest addition. She is a fashionista bear who loves to shop and comes with her own range of stickers for fans to use in the app. Get stickering, kids!

Burberry launches Discover Channel on Snapchat
Burberry has become the first luxury brand to run its own Discover channel on Snapchat. The channel ran for 24 hours and promoted Mr. Burberry – the brand’s men-focused products. Content included articles, videos and interviews focused around ‘how to be a modern man’, such as ‘a guide to spotting a good suit’ and ‘the steps of a good grooming routine’. It was featured for all Snapchat users so everyone could pick up tips, which is possibly why I now look like the perfect modern man.