Tuesday Tune-Up #245

Snapchat’s biggest shift to date is here. Its name? Memories.
In a slight move away from what it’s known for, Snapchat introduced a new feature, Memories, where users can save their favourite snaps and stories on the Snapchat server to send at a later date. As of this week, long-forgotten nights out, cute pet antics, and #FatChat favourite meals can be searched by date or location. And keeping with the channel’s original tone, you can keep a ‘for my eyes only’ archive…

Instagram for Business Is Here

In what has been heralded as the single most important update ever to the app and platform, Instagram finally launched the option for brands to use business accounts. Until now, the platform has been free-to-play for businesses, organisations and individuals, but this update offers a number of new features that will significantly change how we can communicate with audiences. The main features include more in-depth statistics (called Insights), in-app paid advertising, and client/consumer contact details for more direct communication.

Everyone is catching Pokémon Fever with Pokémon Go


#TBT to the late 90’s as Pokémania has swept Australia!  The popular Nintendo game has returned to the mobile space, and whilst the premise is still to catch as many Pokémon as possible, Go uses augmented reality to push users to chase characters they see on their screens. This isn’t the first augmented reality game and it won’t be the last, but Pokémon Go is easily the biggest the world has seen yet.

The downside?  People are running into danger as robbery suspects set up beacons on Pokéstops to lure victims into a trap. Competitive players are turning violent, and one gamer even stumbled across a dead body while playing. Police in Australia have had to set up instructions on how to play Pokémon Go safely.

The game is still in its early days but is already more popular than Tinder and outperforming Twitter on Android. And it hasn’t even been launched globally yet…watch this space.

Facebook tests video downloading for offline viewing
Facebook is introducing a new video download option that will let users sync videos to their device for offline viewing. Starting on 11th July with a small test group in India, this update is intended to solve the problem of poor Internet coverage and costly data charges in developing countries.

…And this Facebook update will self-destruct in…
Facebook is testing a ‘Secret Conversations’ update that will involve disappearing messages (where on Earth did they get that idea?). Unlike the likes of Snapchat, Facebook offered more…serious…uses for these messages such as asking a doctor for medical advice, sending sensitive account information to your spouse, sharing your credit card number, (not) cheating on your wife…

secretconversation 2


Twitter takes its First Shot (geddit!?) at Livestreaming from Wimbledon
Twitter debuted its first live stream on Wednesday with content from Wimbledon. The broadcast was enabled through a deal with ESPN but only featured replays, commentary and highlights (no live games were shown). This initial stream was considered a test leading up to Twitter’s scheduled screening of 10 NFL games this upcoming season. Apparently the platform is also in the final stages of closing “about 10” different streaming partnerships with media providers, including the Republican and Democratic Conventions in the USA. Move over, Snap stories…

A South Korean version of Snapchat permeates China
An app out of South Korea that features self-destructing messages with filters is gaining traction in Asia. Sound familiar? Similar to Snapchat, South Korea’s version lets consumers add fun elements to their content such as soju, fried chicken, and other culturally-relevant favourites. It has had over 30 million downloads since September and, unlike Snapchat, is not blocked in China.


Who you Gonna call? Snapchat!
A Ghostbusters Snapchat sponsored lens? Just what the world needed! In anticipation of the movie’s release, the studio launched a one-day Snapchat campaign on 7th July that marked the first to use both sides of a built-in camera lens. The lens allowed users to shoot Slimer with a virtual proton pack, trigger slime falling down the screen, and enjoy the film’s iconic soundtrack in the background. Our only question now is, WHO YOU GONNA SNAP?

Always Think before you Tweet
US phone company Verizon clearly didn’t get the #WaitroseReasons memo. In the wake of a new data plan launch that seemed to infuriate customers, the company also launched the sponsored hashtag #IGotVerizon on Twitter. It was intended to encourage people to switch providers, but instead incited hundreds of furious consumers complaining about the company’s high bills and praising other companies. When will they ever learn?