#FanUpAUS Fuels Aus Athletes in Rio

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As the first Olympic medals roll in, so do fantastic messages of support from faithful Aussies across the nation united under the hashtag #FanUpAUS. Kicking off with hometown heroes ranging from Ian Thorpe, to Lee Lin Chin, to Bondi Hipsters, Optus launched their official Olympics #FanUpAUS rally cry on 21st July, and it hasn’t slowed since.

#FanUpAUS took off like wildfire – momentum we’ve managed to maintain with the help of macro and micro influencers spanning a variety of audiences including blokes on hoverboards…

via @JacksonODoherty

…and beauty bloggers…

Screen Shot 2016-08-08 at 6.08.31 pm

via @ChloeMorelloBeauty 

…and baking extraordinaires.


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As our influencer content indicates, #FanUpAUS is not limited to sports fans or athletes, but rather it invites all Aussies to join the Optus Support Network in their own unique way. Check out some of the most creative UGC pieces here.

And #FanUpAUS isn’t just making waves in Australia. Athletes on the ground in Rio have even gotten involved with inspiration from the live feed playing on repeat at The Edge.

While #FanUpAUS seems to be winning from Bondi to Brazil, it’s still unclear who will medal in social media. We invite you to cast your #FanUpAUS vote and help the country’s greatest content creators – the fans – claim ad Gold.