Tuesday Tune Up #286

Gelato shop not so sweet to social media employee after disastrous Instagram ‘joke’

Do you N2? If you’ve never had the “Extreme” experience, N2 Extreme Gelato is a Sydney-based ice cream company that made itself famous on social for infusing its unique frozen creations with Nitrogen before dressing them up with crazy edible accessories. While the company is known for being cheeky, edgy and in-tune in with cultural moments, one member of their social media team took it too far by posting what the company admitted was “a careless and insensitive caption” about blackface over the weekend.

An Instagram and Facebook post promoting their new gelato flavour had the caption, “Is it still considered blackface if it’s just on your hand??? Anyway it’s just spilt carbon so calm yo tits with our HONEY CHARCOAL VANILLA gelato!”

Had to sneak a bit of sexism in there, too, didn’t ya buddy? Punters were rightly quick to call the unchill ice cream joint out, so N2 did what any inexperienced community manager trying to save his ass would do – edited the captions. But it was too late, he’d been caught black handed. You could still see the original post via Edit History. The internet is forever.

Eventually the company posted an apology and vowed it would implement “tight social media scrutiny controls.”

The lesson here is, if you find yourself fortunate enough to be responsible educating the public on the latest innovations in ice cream – eat your product, not your words.

Will socially infamous Messina seize the opportunity to steal the spotlight back? We’re thinking a harmonious, all-inclusive blend of vanilla, chocolate, and caramel in a rainbow cup will do.

Plot twist!! Snapchat lets you replay snaps forever and introduces its own Boomerang

As its battle with Instagram rages on, Snapchat has released a suite of new creative tools that’ll have your snaps looking mighty, uh, creative? From today, users will have access to looping videos, extended viewing options, the ability to draw with emojis and a magic eraser.

While it sounds like something Steve from Blues Clues would store in his talking cupboard, a magic eraser allows you to remove select parts of an image…like magic you might say.

Drawing with emojis basically looks like this….

As Boomerang videos are all the rage on Instagram, Snapchat has also added their own boomerang-like looping gif ability. Looks like copycatting works both ways…miaow.

Lastly, and perhaps most importantly, the platform that once established itself as a safe haven for adulterers, horny teenagers and tech savvy sexters made a key change to its original ephemeral offering – users can now opt to let their snaps be played forever. Viva la nudes!

Snap Inc. has released highly-anticipated first-quarter earnings

Aside from app updates, Snap Inc. also announced $149.6 million in revenue in the first quarter of 2017. This falls under what Wall Street predicted ($159 million), as well as what was made in Q4 of 2016 ($165.7). Despite this, it is boasting 166 million daily users, up from 158 million at the end of 2016. During a recent Q&A, CEO Evan Spiegel called out Facebook and Instagram for ‘growth hacking’ and asserted that this wasn’t a technique that Snapchat saw as sustainable in the long term. Speaking about Facebook and Instagram imitating some of Snapchat’s features, Spiegel acted nonchalant, claiming this was the norm in the tech world, “Just because Yahoo has a search box doesn’t mean they’re Google.”

That’s the spirit! Get better. Not bitter. Snaps for you, Spiegel 

SECOND plot twist! You can now post to Instagram without the app

Hey Grammers, good news! You’re no longer confined to the mobile app when uploading selfies, Boomerangs and inappropriate memes – you can now use the Instagram.com website to post images. This new way of posting means that growth in developing internet markets and mobile networks will have easier access to the platform, and it could increase Instagram usership to over one billion.

We now know why Jeff Goldblum was handing out free snags 

Last month, the Hollywood legend made a curious and surprising appearance on the streets of Sydney when he spent an afternoon swanning about in a food truck (magnificently named ‘Chef Goldblum’s’) and handed out free snags to hungry pedestrians while happily snapping selfies here and there.

But who was behind this random act of sausage? Jeff, being an actor, expertly kept his cards close to his chest when questioned so it seemed like a completely random, spontaneous Bill Murray-esque stunt.
However, since nothing is really real anymore, it turns out a brand was indeed behind the meaty good deed. It was revealed this week that Menulog had hired the unlikely influencer to shoot an Australian ad campaign for its new series Less Talk More Eat. Santa Claus, the Tooth Fairy, now Jeff G? Alternative facts everywhere.

Facebook to banish sexy, content-less ads to bottom of newsfeed

Speaking of disappointing untruths, the quest to rid the internet of fake news continues as Facebook vows to get rid of websites that are littered with “disruptive, shocking or malicious ads,” and that offer little actual content. Facebook is using AI to detect if links on Facebook lead to websites that offer a “low quality web page experience” due to the nature of the ads being offered.

The ads that are mostly being targeted take the form of content-recommendation ad units that often use sexualised and sometimes shocking images, as well as celebrities, and misleading headlines to capture attention. I’d include a picture, but they’re very rude so if you don’t want to see it, definitely don’t click this link*.

… And introduces “Quizzes” to deter unwanted guests away from Groups

As part of their wider efforts to make the platform a safer space for its users, the social media behemoth is now letting creators of Groups screen potential members with a quiz containing up to three questions. This should help admins keep trolls and abusive users out of Groups where their input is not welcome. Using “Ask Pending Members Questions,” you can set up a maximum of three different questions that will be presented to folks who request to join your Group.

Google’s new AI tool can make an emoji from your selfie

Forget for one second that machine learning will first take all our jobs and then probably kill us. Kick back, grab a cuppa and smile about the fact that, for the moment, Google is just using it to help us make emojis from our selfies, meaning all is right with what’s left of humanity. It’s possible by using Allo – Google’s ML-driven chat app. Anyone else think they’ve missed a beat by not calling these ‘me-mojis?’

Vivid Sydney is soon and we hope to see you there

After a sellout debut at last year’s Vivid Ideas Exchange in Sydney, we’re thrilled to announce our 2017 session – Marketing To The Machines: Why Algorithms Will Define The Future Of Everything. Similar to last year, this ideas-based breakfast will host We Are Social’s global consultant, Simon Kemp, as co-presenter alongside our managing director, Suzie Shaw.

“Algorithms determine everything from the optimum kitten story to reframing ethics and morality. We’ll examine how they can help solve some of life’s most existential questions,” Suzie told the media this week. “It’s a big order for breakfast as we’ll be exploring the powerful and all-pervasive nature of algorithms: what they are, where they’ve come from and where they’re going tomorrow.”

This is Simon Kemp’s second consecutive appearance at Vivid Ideas, after co-presenting 2016’s data-driven storytelling session. As well as working with We Are Social and authoring its annual global digital report, he founded Kepios and heads up APAC for Contagious Insider Consulting.

If you’re interested in joining our team for a riveting morning of marketing insights and like-minded business professionals, feel free to book here. Tickets are $20 (plus booking fee) and include breakfast. We hope to see you there!

Name: Marketing To The Machines: Why Algorithms Will Define The Future Of Everything

Date: Tuesday, May 30

Time: 8am – 10am

Where: Vivid Ideas Exchange, Museum of Contemporary Art Australia, Level 6 Terrace Entrance (Circular Quay West Side), 140 George St, The Rocks, Sydney

This post courtesy of @mills2k