Bringing Audible’s Stories to Life on Social

Client work
In a saturated social world of audio-off, aesthetically-stimulating creative, we’ve been appointed’s first specialist retained social agency in Australia with the goal of bringing to life their spoken word content on social.

As the world’s largest seller and producer of downloadable audiobooks and a key innovator in the listening space, Audible offers us the opportunity to create content and manage their increasing social presence, as well as building its influencer program across Australia and New Zealand.

“Globally, audiobooks are the fastest growing format in the book business – in large part because they really complement our multi-tasking lifestyle. I for one am an avid listener and just love Audible,” our managing director, Suzie Shaw, said. “As a brand and category, it’s a fertile space for social. There’s a passionate fan base around the product and a steady stream of great content that stems from Audible’s many new releases.”

Watch the story unfold on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram.