Tuesday Tune-Up #289


Google Sheets gets an AI upgrade

Data boffins rejoice! Google Sheets has been given a fancy new upgrade that will allow you to spend less time building charts and more time picking up chicks/playing video games. You can now use your words to tell Google what you want, and it will build a chart faster than you can say Father Christmas.

Facebook gets super creepy

In something I’m sure Edward Snowden would approve of, Facebook is investigating ways to track our response to various content through our laptop and phone cameras even when we’re not actively using the camera. Next time you pull out your phone and stare into that black screen, just remember Mark Zuckerberg could be on the other side staring back at you.

Brands can now run click-to-messenger ads on Insta

These already exist on Facebook but now brands can also send their customers to Messenger through ads on Instagram. And when I say Messenger, I do mean Facebook Messenger of course, which is now populated with over 100,000 monthly active bots, ready to chat.

Skype relaunches with a few features which may be familiar…

Skype’s had a makeover which includes users now being able to swipe to access the camera, create Instagram-style stories called Highlights and also talk to bots, in case you don’t have any real mates to talk to.

Facebook, Twitter and YouTube all live streamed One Love Manchester concert

A concert which took place to remember and raise money for the victims of the Manchester terrorist attack, was live streamed across Twitter, Youtube and Facebook, so people all over the world could tune in and more importantly donate. The Facebook live stream alone has raised over $350,000.

Malcolm Turnbull says Facebook and Twitter need to do more to fight terrorism

In related news, Malcolm Turnbull has called out Facebook and Twitter saying they need to do more to remove extremist material from their platforms. Both platforms have already taken steps towards contributing to this effort, such as sharing removed content with each other so it can easily be removed from other platforms and creating algorithms designed to identify accounts promoting terrorism. What do you think? Should they be doing more? Let us know in the comments.