Tuesday Tune-Up #304

Getting vocal (and local!) on social

While the #VoteYes campaign is gaining a lot of traction, some Sydneysiders spotted anti-marriage equality skywriting messages over the past weekend. But you know what has even more reach than the sky? Social media. Leave it to the lovely folks of the internet to manipulate the skywriting message to read “Vote Yes Now.” Sometimes, news with a bit of fakeness is for the best.

And while we haven’t hired a plane to spread the word yet, it should be known We Are Social is voting YES!

Apple launched the new iPhone X and the internet went crazy over the Animojis

We all know how highly anticipated the iPhone launch is every year. In fact, it’s so big that Pornhub revealed stats showing a significant decline in website traffic across the globe during the famous Apple Keynote. Ha!

The feature that got people most excited were the Animojis – animated emojis, which use the new FaceID on the iPhone X allowing users to customize their own emoji. Check out people’s best reactions to the iPhone X launch on Twitter.

And this pretty much sums up how I’m feeling about the new Animojis…

Snapchat is stepping up its AR game with real world lenses

Let’s be honest…the only reason we’re still on Snapchat is the Bitmoji chat integration. You gotta love these cheeky mini-me’s, and because Snapchat is taking AR seriously, it has now launched real world lenses, which, as the name suggests, place your beloved Bitmoji in real world settings. Enjoy the fun while it lasts (AKA until Instagram launches the same feature).

See my Bitmoji in action – casually dancing on my desk… Tuesday moves 😉

Instagram makes more updates to DM, filters and stories…

Sliding into the DMs will never be the same again. Not only can you now share stories via DM (kudos to Snapchat) but Instagram has also introduced a new design feature that lets users (only Android for now) add a selfie to their direct messages. The images can also be colour filtered and include text overlays. And that’s not all from Instagram – as far as transport-based metaphors for friendship go, you’d be hardpressed to top the classic motorbike and sidecar combo. Hardly surprising then that Instagram has now introduced this as one of its face filters. Finally, the platform is currently testing a new feature for stories to stay live beyond 24h.

Facebook appeals to advertisers with new updates across group

Facebook’s full-screen Canvas ad format is coming to Instagram Stories. As well as adding the new interactive format, advertisers will also be able to upload organic story content to Power Editor for future campaigns. Facebook has also launched a new Collection template, which it hopes will appeal to retailers with print catalogues. The new format allows brands to tag products and use full-width video formats to showcase items on mobile. In a further update for advertisers, a new Ad Manager interface is being rolled out on Facebook. The newly-designed platform will feature Power Editor’s creating and editing features and will make it easier for advertisers to create and upload campaigns using mobile. Finally, Facebook introduced some new and much stricter rules for monetising content. The list of content that can’t be monetised is getting longer and longer including anything related to violence, drugs or hate…

Facebook tests private profiles and a snooze button to put those annoying baby sharers and wannabe travel bloggers to rest

The platform introduced a snooze button that temporarily hides people in your feed, and I’m already making a list of “friends” I can’t wait to not hear from for a while (looking at you, friends backpacking through Europe and Republican aunty in America). And if you’ve ever felt threatened by mum or the boss discovering your true (not so well behaved) self on social media, Facebook might have a solution for that as it’s currently testing a private profile for your closest friends, similar to Instagram’s “close friends list.”

Facebook’s Bonfire app has been uncovered in Denmark

While the sneaky sods at Facebook tried to roll out their new group video chat app in Denmark without anyone noticing, turns out Denmark isn’t as far removed from the world as Zuck’s team wanted to believe. The details have spread like herpes at Schoolies, revealing it’s basically a riff on Houseparty that allows users to host video chats between multiple users in one interface.

You can now share your favourite Spotify songs directly via iMessage

Spotify launched an app for iMessage that allows you to easily share tracks with friends without having to leave the chat or deal with copying-and-pasting links.

How it works: Open iMessage first, then head to the app store and press ‘Manage.’ Finally, tap the switch next to the Spotify icon to enable it. Spotify will then show up in your installed apps.

Adidas launches new keepy-uppy Snapchat game

Adidas has launched a new Snapchat game that challenges users to showcase their ball control skills. The game can be accessed by swiping up on the accompanying Snap ad, which will play between Stories.

AdidasSnapchatGame from SocialTimes on Vimeo.

Post courtesy of @vanessa_mller