Tuesday Tune-Up #343

Sorry, you’re not famous enough

A mural in Los Angeles made social headlines last week for being exclusive to “influencers.” As the story went, only people with 20K+ Insta followers or a verified account could access the mural. Photos circulated of a security guard guarding the entry, ready to knock us non-influential folk back. The mural depicted a pair of wings for people to pose in front of (then naturally, share on Insta) and was located in LA’s Sunset Strip. A sign out front of the mural asked Influencers to tag the account “Like and Subscribe” on Instagram and Twitter. Turns out, the whole thing was a clever marketing stunt for a show launching about, you guessed it, influencers! #gotcha


You can sue Google!

Have you ever Googled “how to sue someone?” Well now, you can sue the source itself! In a landmark case, Australian Milorad Trkulja has sued Google for defamation after images of himself appeared in search results for ‘Melbourne criminal underworld photos’ alongside photos of Mick Gatto and Chopper Read. Mr. Trkulja claimed the search results caused harm to his reputation and that Google did not remove the material when asked. The link between this man and the crime world stems from an incident involving a shooting at a restaurant. However, the crime was never solved. Google has not commented on the verdict yet. Read more about it here.  Meanwhile, have you Googled yourself lately? I suggest you do.

And the Winner is….

The Cannes Lions Awards have come and gone for 2018 (is it that time of year already?!), but not without some notable victories. This year, there was a tie in the Film and Outdoor categories, and a Grand Prix was awarded in all categories but one (Pharma). The popular ‘Nothing Beats a Londoner’ won in the Social & Influencer category, and Tide’s ‘It’s a Tide Ad’ tied in the Film category with P&G’s ‘The Talk.’ Which work was your favourite? Check out the other winners here.

Also at Cannes Festival: Snapchat showcases Sound Stories

Snapchat collaborated with artist Christian Marclay to create Sound Stories, an exhibition that used hundreds of thousands of public snaps to create five audio-visual installations. The idea came about after the company announced more than 3 billion Snaps were created on the app every day. While thinking of how to celebrate the milestone, someone suggested creating something inspired by Marclay’s artwork “The Clock,” which featured a 24-hour loop of video footage from film and TV shows.
This video gives a behind-the-scenes look into how Marclay developed the installations with his team. One of Marclay’s objectives for the installation was to make people “aware that they have a tool that they can use differently, maybe more creatively then they do.”


WhatsApp introduces an Administrator into group chats to end those endless group chat notifications

If you’ve ever been in a group chat, chances are at some point the notifications became extremely annoying or all too much to deal with. WhatsApp has introduced a new feature where an Admin can be set as the only one who can post within a group. This is great for organisations, brands and events that use the app for communicating updates. It also sets WhatsApp group chats apart from group chats on Facebook. 

Instagram is reportedly testing a ‘questions’ feature

Want to speak directly to your audience? Instagram is reportedly testing a new feature that allows users to ask their followers open-ended questions within their Stories says a user involved in the testing. This could result in deeper engagement with followers than the polling stickers that were added at the end of last year. Questions are just in testing for now, and it’s unknown whether responses will remain anonymous or not. Ironically, I have SO many questions about this?!

This post courtesy of Kat Camrass aka @jinx.dj aka lover of RuPaul’s Drag Race (but will never reveal spoilers) 😉