‘The Crown’ gets Australia watching Netflix with their Nans

Client work
Whatever their political stance of the British monarchy, Australia has an affectionate view of the English matriarch – they even celebrate her birthday on three different dates nationwide. ‘Our mate Lizzy’ has become a beloved figurehead Aussie audiences have adopted as their own in recent decades. 

While youth have grown to love her, the Queen is most fondly remembered by a generation of elders who grew up watching her coronation on the telly and crowded the streets to see her in person during her first Commonwealth Tour.

So when Netflix launched their ever-popular biopic series The Crown, which follows the story of the young Queen’s life from the beginning, we embraced the opportunity to unite generations by encouraging grandkids to watch Netflix with their Nans over the show launch.

The campaign began as a three-part social content series for Season One, showcasing the reactions of grandkids and their Nans to moments in the show and inspiring them to share their own stories.

Here’s Episode One, and here you can find Two and Three.

The response on social was so strong that we brought the campaign back for the second instalment, with a short teaser showcasing Nan fans who ‘can’t frickin wait’ for the launch of Season Two.

To extend the buzz, we enlisted influencers Joel Creasy and Tanya Hennessy to watch #NetflixwithNan with their own Nans. The campaign wrapped with our very own Australian nan’s Christmas speech, released alongside the Queen’s speech and reminding grandkids to spend some quality time with their Nans during the festive season.

The results were overwhelmingly positive. The “Nans are Hyped” launch teaser was one of the most successful posts of 2017, and fans of the influencers demanded #NetflixwithNan became a regular segment. Many Netflix fans even called for the Nans to have their own show. Nice work, Nans!