Collaborate on holiday plans with Airbnb’s new features
Now everyone can pull their weight when it comes to planning a group getaway, as Airbnb announces a feature that will allow users to send Group Travel invites to people who are joining the trip. Attendees will then be able to save ideas to the master list, including homes, food and drink, sightseeing and experiences, and more. Now your friends will have no excuses for ignoring your extensive recommendations of international bean-to-bar chocolate makers when they go away…

Authorisation process overhaul for large Facebook Pages
Managers of large Pages on Facebook will now have to secure their account using a two-factor authentication. The new authorisation process will begin with US Pages, with plans to roll it out globally over time. Facebook has said that the move aims to “prevent organisations and individuals from creating accounts that mislead people about who they are or what they’re doing.” So, if you’re not shady AF,  you should have nothing to worry about…

The Bachelor is more newsworthy than Malcolm Turnbull

With a good two months of tireless Honey Badger promos now having run their course, The Bachelor finally launched last week and so too did the annual onslaught of witty tweets, Facebook recap videos and Google searches of the contestants. This year, Nick ‘Honey Badger’ Cummins (cue dirty puns galore) is the man capturing the hearts of the nation, and it seems he’s driving quite a buzz – with Google search terms for “The Badgelor” at almost double the volume of the nation’s other most talked about men of the week…

Overall Facebook page engagement is declining
A recent study from Buffer found that, while the top 20,000 Facebook Pages are posting more, there has been a decline in overall engagement with Facebook Pages. In the past 18 months, average post engagements have dropped by over 65%, which isn’t great news for us. The study also found that engagement continues to vary across industries, with retail brands seeing the least change in engagement over the reporting period.

Updates to Instagram Polling
You know when you want an opinion but not necessarily an opinion from your coworkers/little cousins/exes/any other random pleb who follows your Instagram Stories? Well, now you can send poll stickers in Direct Messages to either just one person directly or in a group thread, meaning your entire follower base is spared. Perfect for gaining that slightly more considered response…

The LinkedIn Groups app is no more
Following its previous decision to move LinkedIn Groups into their own standalone app, the professional networking platform has made the decision to reintegrate the feature back into the main app. Groups will also get a number of new features, including showing Group conversations in-stream and allowing users to edit posts and share videos.

This post was courtesy of @CatMay