Tuesday Tune-Up #352

Insta-upgrade your life with Instagram’s new standalone shopping app
Rejoice! You’ll soon be able to buy waist trainers, teeth whitening kits and *some* things you actually need, as Instagram makes a major play for the e-commerce market. The platform is reportedly developing a new standalone app dedicated to shopping where users will be able to browse collections and purchase goods. Following Burberry’s announcement that Ricardo Tisci’s first collection for the label will be available to shop immediately via Instagram, this update isn’t a totally surprising sign of things to come.

Superzoom gets super intense 
Those with a penchant for le dramatique will be pleased to hear that Instagram is rolling out six new effects for its Superzoom feature in Stories. The new effects include paparazzi camera flashes (my fave), black leaves against a melancholy soundtrack and fire with rock music. So, get ready to create some Super theatrical content and enjoy a brief respite from duh duh DUHHHHHHH.

Speed up your social admin on Insta
This week, Instagram has gifted us new shopping features and some zooming wizardry. But where, pray tell, will all that extra time we need for these features come from?! Don’t worry, Instagram has our back – they will now place your most used emoji above your keyboard when you begin commenting on a post in an effort to make commenting quicker and easier. Bang out those ? comments almost as easily as you throw out the double taps (while shopping and zooming).

Facebook upgrades its dynamic ads for travel
Let’s move on to Facebook. If you’ve noticed more ads for flights popping up on your feed in the last few days, it’s not a coincidence. The platform has “expanded the options airlines have for reaching potential travellers with its flight ads, which were previously referred to as dynamic ads for travel for flight“, now allowing airlines to reach customers based on their visits to related Pages, websites and apps. So, if you’ve (understandably) started researching a blissful getaway to Vanuatu after seeing all our gorge holiday pics, chances are Facebook will help seal the deal.

Snapchat introduces slick new frames 
Everyone says it’s gonna be real sunny this week. So, it feels more than apt to share some sunglasses news from Snapchat. They’ve launched two new styles – the Wayfarer-like Nico, and the more glamorous, large-framed Veronica. The styles are another push for Snapchat to make Spectacles more suited for general use, as the new frames look much more like normal sunglasses than previous styles – especially the V1 frames – alongside the decision to allow V2 to export in non-circular formats so that users can share beyond Snapchat. I bought a really nice pair of Quay X Kylie Jenner sunglasses last year, but I guess I won’t hold my breath for a Kylie X Spectacles collection.

Twitter reveals three livestreamed shows for the 2018 NFL season
Social media sports programming just keeps on coming as Twitter brings out three livestreamed shows from NFL Media and ESPN. The Checkdown will feature guest hosts, examining trending conversations around NFL-related culture, All Around – the NFL’s podcast crew – will host a weekly livestreamed show, and ESPN’s Fantasy Focus Live will be broadcast on weekdays. The platform has also announced hashtag-triggered emojis for all 32 teams, as Twitter sets out to be the home of NFL conversations on social.

YouTube TV members can now pause their subscriptions
Breakups are hard. Sometimes you just need a little space, which is why YouTube TV’s new option for members to pause their subscription rather than cancelling outright might come as a relief for those who are still undecided. Users can choose to pause memberships from four weeks up to six months, and, while your S.O. might not appreciate a relationship hiatus, YouTube TV will always take you back as normal billing resumes after the chosen period has ended.

Samsung launches Days of Note campaign
In a special segment called ‘look what we’ve done’ this week, I thought I’d share the Days of Note campaign we’re currently working on for Samsung. For the launch of the brand’s new smartphone, the Galaxy Note9, we’re telling the stories of three Australians of Note including cult accessory designer Poppy Lissiman, founder of HaydenShapes Hayden Cox, and co-founder of Thankyou Daniel Flynn. To inspire a new generation of entrepreneurs,  we shared each one’s advice, challenges, and personal reflections in a series of social videos.

As part of the campaign, Samsung also partnered with General Assembly to enable others to break new ground with their own Day of Note. The exclusive Samsung workshops and events were designed to help entrepreneurial Australians turn their ideas into a reality. Covering a range of topics from coding to product prototyping and content marketing, each session gives you the information, inspiration, training and resources you need to succeed. Register for the (did we mention they are FREE?!) workshops, watch the Days of Note videos and find out more about the Galaxy Note9 on the dedicated Days of Note hub.

This post courtesy of @FlorenceMassey