Tuesday Tune-Up #490

Nick Carolan

TikTok lets users apply for jobs with video résumés
TikTok has announced that it is testing a job application tool that will allow users to directly apply for jobs at more than 30 companies, including Chipotle, Target and Shopify. As part of the pilot scheme, users will be able to create a video resume, post it to TikTok, and send it to recruiters via the app from July 7 to 31.

TikTok looks to automation to improve content moderation
Across the US and Canada, TikTok is set to start utilising automated reviewing systems to help remove videos that breach its community or minor safety policies, to help speed up the process and allow moderators to focus on other areas, such as the spread of misinformation. However, creators will still be allowed to appeal to a human moderator if they believe their video has been unfairly removed. The change is set to take place “over the next few weeks.”

TikTok apologises for apparent racial bias highlight in viral video
TikTok has apologised for a “significant error” after a video suggesting there was racial bias in its algorithm went viral. The video from by comedy content creator Ziggi Tyler claimed phrases like “Black Lives Matter” and “Black people” are blocked from TikTok’s Creator Marketplace, while “white supremacy” is not. In a statement, TikTok clarified that “Creator Marketplace protections, which flag phrases typically associated with hate speech, were erroneously set to flag phrases without respect to word order.”

Roblox signs music partnership with Sony
Roblox has signed a deal with Sony Music Entertainment to extend its existing partnership, which included Lil Nas X’s concert in 2020 – watched by over 36 million people – and a virtual dance party with Swedish artist Zara Larsson in May of this year. Under the new agreement, the two brands will work together to develop innovative music experiences for the Roblox community and generate new revenue streams around virtual entertainment.

Trump lashes out at Facebook, YouTube and Google
Former President Donald Trump has announced that he is launching several class-action lawsuits against Twitter, Facebook and YouTube, which specifically names Jack Dorsey, Mark Zuckerberg and Google’s Sundar Pichai. Trump claims that the three companies violated his First Amendment rights, however, the First Amendment pertains to governments censoring free speech, not businesses; so draw your own conclusions on this one.

Instagram tests comment limits to curb targeted abuse from groups
Instagram is rolling out a new option to combat abuse on its platform by limiting actions from groups of users, as opposed to muting or restricting individual profiles. A new ‘Limits’ option within the app’s Privacy settings will enable users to temporarily limit unwanted comments and messages from selected groups of accounts based on detected activity.

TikTok introduces Cameo-style ‘Shoutouts’
TikTok last week added another new feature – a Cameo-like option called ‘Shoutouts’, which enables fans to pay to have platform stars send them a personalised video message. Fans will be able to use TikTok’s virtual currency, TikTok coins, to purchase Shoutouts from their favourite creators, who then have three days to accept or decline the offer. Another week is allotted for the creator to create the Shoutout in question, which is then sent to a users’ inbox.

Ones to watch
Reddit has opened a new office in Australia; Facebook is testing a new anti-extremism warning prompt; WhatsApp could soon be adding a ‘best quality’ setting for sending photos and videos; and Twitter has shared some potential new features around conversation health and privacy, including a one-stop privacy check-in.