Tuesday Tune-Up #500

Nick Carolan

Daily digital culture download, The Feed, launches on Instagram
Last week, We Are Social launched The Feed, a global, editorially-led cultural insights publication on Instagram tracking digital culture and trends on a global scale. On The Feed, we’re sharing our insights with the marketing community. It’ll get readers on the inside track of emergent digital culture as it’s happening, and translate it into actionable insights and opportunities they can apply to their own workstreams.

Every day, we post about a person, moment or conversation from the digital landscape that highlights a bigger shift in society and culture. Each post includes: An explanation of what’s happening; an insight into the wider cultural or behavioural shift this artefact is a part of; a data point to validate the potential of this shift; and an opportunity for brands across industries. Follow here, and learn more here.

Facebook invests $1m to combat climate change misinformation
With temperatures rising across the globe, people are looking for more information about climate change. Facebook introduced the Climate Science Information Center last September, currently available in 16 countries. However, this hub is now being renamed the Climate Science Center, and will include a new quiz feature in collaboration with the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change. 

Facebook is also forking out $1 million to support a new climate change misinformation grant program, supporting organisations working to combat climate misinformation by investing in proposals that build alliances between fact-checkers, climate experts and other organisations. 

Cameo launches Cameo Calls
Some of us will do just about anything to spend fifteen minutes chatting with our idols. Cameo is making these dreams come true with its latest feature, Cameo Calls, which lets fans video chat for up to 15 minutes one-on-one with their favourite influencers and celebrities. The talent sets the duration, time and price of a call, which can start from as little as $20. So rather than spending hours queuing in the freezing cold to meet your heroes, all you need to do is cough up a bit of cash, and a video chat with your chosen celebrity is all yours.

Screen Shot 2021-09-17 at 3.35.55 PM

Instagram publishes new holiday season guide
As summer ends, sleigh bells begin to jingle in the marketing world as we look towards the festive season. Instagram has put a particular focus on ecommerce and its Shops feature this year, with the platform now launching a new guide to help brands maximise their impact during the Christmas period. The ‘Holiday Szn’ mini-site provides a range of tips on key promotions and ecommerce tools, as well as usage insights and advice on elements like product details, ads, shopping tags and more. Looks like Christmas has come early. 

Twitter applies learnings from Fleets to tweets
​​Twitter appears to be working on its media editor, with functions that would allow users to incorporate features from its recently retired Fleets functionality (“stickers, text, crops and more”) in their regular tweets. The new editor also enables users to upload a straight text visual, with a coloured background, similar to Instagram Stories.

Facebook experiments with limiting Story insights
Facebook is apparently testing out a new process that would limit your insight into who’s viewed your Facebook Story to only those that have reacted to each Stories frame, or left a comment. Select users are being informed that they will no longer get a full listing of Stories viewers, essentially enabling random people who come across your Facebook Stories to view them without you knowing – unless you select the ‘Friends Only’ setting.

Ones to watch
Facebook’s lead privacy regulator in Europe has raised concerns about the size of the recording light on their “smart” Ray-Ban sunglasses; Twitter Super Follows have only generated around $6,000 in the first two weeks the feature has been live; a Facebook whistleblower shared damning internal docs detailing how Instagram’s internal research indicated how the app impacted teenage girls’ mental health; and LinkedIn announced a $25 million creator fund ahead of its plans to test a Clubhouse-style audio feature.

The Tuesday Tune-Up features additional reporting by Hannah Currey.