We Are Social’s Tuesday Tune Up


Instagram launches live test of longer videos in Stories
Segmented videos are set to be a thing of the past on Instagram, with the app launching a live test of 60-second videos in Stories. Longer video clips would no longer be split into 15-second segments which are played across several frames. With other platforms rolling out longer video formats, this update comes following several requests from the Instagram community. Currently being tested with a small group of users, longer stories hope to provide more creative freedom to the app’s users.

WhatsApp Web gets a built-in sticker maker
Sticker fans, listen up. WhatsApp’s web version has been updated with a built-in custom Sticker Maker, allowing you to turn images from your computer into stickers that can be sent via the messaging service. You can cut out backgrounds from images and add emoji and text on top of your sticker creations to really bring them to life. To access the new feature, click the attachments icon, select Sticker and then pick an image to upload.

TikTok teams up with U.N. Women on new informative hub
TikTok has launched a new informative hub about violence against women and girls. Teaming up with U.N. Women, the hub intends to educate the TikTok community about topics including safety, consent, and harmful gender norms. The initiative marks the beginning of 16 Days of Activism, an annual campaign that unites global communities in a collective call to end all forms of gender-based violence. Using the hashtag #EndViolenceAgainstWomen, activists and experts are sharing information about the topic on the app.

Spotify tests TikTok-like vertical video feature
Vertical video is all the rage at the moment, with Spotify the latest platform to experiment with the feature. The music streaming platform is testing a new feature for iPhone, which allows users to swipe through vertical music video clips. Currently just in the testing phases, it is not yet known when or whether the feature will be rolled out. However, with so many platforms reverting to this format, this move from Spotify indicates a logical shift towards video.

Helping those with visual impairments navigate social
Many of us are lucky enough to browse social media without needing to change our phone’s default settings. We don’t need to activate the VoiceOver tool, we can nip in and out of each app, knowing we won’t have any trouble watching videos or reading copy. But that’s not the case for the 2.2 billion people who have difficulties navigating their social media feeds due to visual impairments, which is why brands creating content must take more responsibility for its accessibility. UK Senior Writer explores the importance of making your social content accessible to those with visual impairments, in our blog.

Ones to watch
Twitter is testing new themed app icons for seasonal trends.