We Are Social’s Tuesday Tune Up


Instagram puts Amber Alerts in your feed
Amber Alerts are an important tool in helping to locate abducted children. Now, Instagram is helping push Amber Alerts into users’ feeds. Currently available in the US, the feature is expected to roll out in 25 countries over the next couple of weeks. Amber Alerts are usually broadcast via TV and text, with this move to social crucial in reaching larger audiences. Text alerts require people to click on a link, but the Instagram alerts will show all the information at first glance, with the addition to the app hoping to spread the word far and wide.

Meta rolls out new Reels features
Reels products got a little facelift last week, with Meta rolling out new features across both Facebook and Instagram. A significant update is the expansion of Reels from 60 seconds up to 90 seconds, following in TikTok’s footsteps. Other additions include more creative and audio tools, templates and other options aimed at making Reels more engaging. Poll, Quiz and Emoji slider stickers, commonly found on Instagram Stories, will now be able in Reels too.

Discord is giving its voice channels text-based chat
Sometimes text is the perfect accessory to a verbal conversation, allowing people to share links and lols. Discord is rolling out text chat for the platform’s voice-based chat rooms by the 29th June. Servers that haven’t enabled community features will see text chat for voice pop up right off the bat, while community servers will need to opt into the new feature. Like normal text-based channels, text chat in voice channels will allow Discord users to share links, messages, emojis, GIFs and stickers.

TikTok is testing a ‘clear mode’ feature
Fancy clearing your on-screen clutter to avoid distraction? Well, you may be able to soon, as TikTok is testing a ‘clear mode’, which will allow users to get rid of features like captions and buttons when viewing content on the app. The tool is currently being tested with select users, with screenshots showing that once the mode is activated, you’ll no longer see usernames, captions and audio information, allowing you to scroll to your heart’s content.

Snapchat adds restaurant recommendations in the Snap Map
Feeling peckish? Snapchat has got your back, with its new partnership with the restaurant review website The Infatuation, allowing users to find local eats on the Snap Map. The new Map Layer is available to users in several American cities, as well as in London. You can find the new Layer in the upper-right corner of the Map and select The Infatuation to start finding restaurants near you. Once you find a restaurant that you like, you can share it with your friends via chat or add it to your favourites to save it for later and come back to it when you’re ready to make plans. Bon appétit!