We Are Social’s Tuesday Tune Up


Instagram lets you pin posts or Reels to your profile
It’s time to put a pin in it. Instagram has followed in Twitter and TikTok’s footsteps and launched its new feature, allowing users to pin up to three posts or Reels to the top of their profile. The idea is that this will let Instagrammers express themselves, getting that hilarious meme or gorgeous selfie seen asap. You can use the feature by selecting one of your posts or Reels and tapping on the three dots at the top-right corner of the post. From there, hit Pin to your profile.

TikTok adds screen-time controls
We’ve all been there – scrolling the FYP and then BOOM, before you know it two hours have passed. Well, TikTok may be helping you get your precious time back with its new screen-time settings. Users will now receive a reminder after using the app for a prolonged, user-defined period of time. Teenage users will be prompted to use the screen time limiting tool if they spend over 100 minutes on the app in a day. A new screen time dashboard will keep you updated on how much of your day you’re spending consuming content. The idea is that these features will encourage ‘healthy relationships’ with the app, and encourage a lovely TikTok/life balance. 

Twitter launches Product Drops
Twitter is upping its game when it comes to e-commerce, launching a new feature that will allow online merchants to tease their upcoming product launches. Product Drops lets merchants create a special type of tweet that showcases an item using both text and images. Tweeters who click on this tweet are taken to the Product Details Page where they can get all the key info they need to make them pop the product in their basket. For particularly picky purchasers, a clickable hashtag will allow them to see what others are saying about the product.

Instagram expands sensitive content controls
Last year, Instagram added a way for users to filter some types of sensitive content on the app. Now the platform is expanding this setting, with content controls applying to search, Reels, hashtag pages and in-feed suggested posts. Instagram will offer three options; a setting that shows you less of a certain type of content, a standard setting and an option to see more sensitive content (not available to users under 18). This is the latest move from the app in making the navigation experience more tailored and finetuned to a user’s demands and requirements.

Twitter’s Report Tweet feature is now available worldwide
It’s about to get a whole lot easier to report tweets on Twitter. Following a successful test, ‘Report Tweet’ is now rolling out worldwide. The feature allows users to provide more context when reporting a tweet, giving you the opportunity to explain why you wish the content to be removed from the site. Previously users were only given a small number of options and categories to explain their choices. At the end of the process, Twitter summarises your complaint to indicate what rule the reported tweet might be breaking.

YouTube’s annual Beauty Fest is shoppable for the first time
Shopaholics, listen up. YouTube’s Beauty Festival is back this week on the 16th June, and this year, it’s shoppable. Viewers will be able to shop what they see directly in the livestream, which is hosted by the channel’s Head of Fashion and Beauty, Derek Blasberg. The festival is bound to attract a fair bit of buzz, with big names like Gwen Stefani and Hailey Bieber getting involved. Someone hide my credit card.

TikTok Avatars has landed
Who doesn’t love an avatar? Channels like Snapchat and Apple have been fundamental in the rising use of these loveable characters, and now TikTok is jumping on board. TikTok Avatars are a way for users to ‘showcase their individuality’ and use motion-detection software to mimic motions, mouth movements and expressions. To create your own TikTok Avatar, open your camera, open the effects section and select the Avatar effect. From here you can choose several avatar templates or start from scratch.