We Are Social’s Tuesday Tune Up


Twitter launches its ‘Close Friends’ Circle feature globally
Exclusivity is going global. Twitter has launched its Circle feature, which lets you post a tweet to a select group of people. The feature began testing in limited beta in May, but now all users can add up to 150 people to their Circle. You can add anyone who you like to your Circle, celebs and all, and those included will see a special green badge under tweets to show them that the post is only available to them and anyone else specially selected. But fear not, users won’t get a notification if you remove them or add them to a Circle, so you won’t have to worry about making enemies.

Instagram to give users more control over what they see
Is your Instagram feed full of content that’s more meh than marvellous? The platform is testing ways in which users can control more of what they see on the app. Firstly, the ability for users to mark multiple posts on the Explore page with the ‘Not Interested’ option. This will immediately hide these posts and refrain from displaying similar content going forwards. Currently, users can only use the ‘Not Interested’ feature on one post at a time, which makes for a rather laborious process. Another potential feature is the ability to allow users to choose whether they see content with certain words, phrases, emojis or hashtags.

Editable tweets to be made available to some Twitter Blue subscribers
Discussions and cries for editable tweets are nothing new in the Twittersphere, but now the platform is finally bringing the feature to some paying users. Some Twitter Blue subscribers will gain access to the tool later this month, with tweets able to be edited a few times in the 30 minutes post-publication. It’ll be clear to other users when a tweet has been edited, as the content will feature a timestamp and label. Who will gain access to the feature isn’t yet clear,  but the platform has said it will begin its initial release in a single country.

YouTube is testing a new way for creators to promote content
Self promotion is getting a push on YouTube. The platform is experimenting with a new way for creators to promote their channels without having to go through Google Ads Manager. Instead, a new ‘Promotions’ tab within YouTube Studio will make buying ads easier for creators. Currently being tested with a small number of creators on desktop, the tool aims to make it simple for creators to run quick promotions for their content, boosting their presence on the platform. It’s also a nifty way for YouTube to bring in more ad revenue a.k.a dollar dollar bills.

Ones to watch
Meta plans more paid features for Facebook and Instagram.