DiDi Hero


When the first wave of the COVID-19 pandemic hit Australia, rideshare service DiDi wanted to help drivers and riders get around safely, if they ever needed to. They quickly created a new service, DiDi Hero, offering sanitised rides for AHPRA healthcare workers at discounted fares, as a way to thank them for their life-saving work.


Whilst we were cocooned safely in our homes through the lockdown, we were all in awe of healthcare workers who were on the frontline, with many initiatives happening on social media to show support, but they were not necessarily reaching the intended audience, the healthcare workers, who needed a safe, hygienic way to get to work every day to keep the pandemic at bay.


To ensure healthcare workers could feel all the love and gratitude surrounding them, we decided to leverage the power of social media to rally the community and invite them to share their ‘thank you’ messages.

To get the public’s attention, we created a short video, filmed during lockdown, following three real frontline workers on their rides to work receiving a surprise call from a COVID-19 survivor, who shared his touching personal message of thanks with them. This emotional film captured the hearts of viewers, prompting them to share their own messages of thanks via the DiDi’s website.

These heartwarming messages were then illustrated and turned into a gallery of digital ‘cards’, which were then delivered to healthcare workers thanks to custom in-app notifications, every time they rode with DiDi Hero. The UGC cards were also shared by DiDi on their Facebook and Instagram, prompting further community engagement and thank you messages.
  • 10k healthcare workers signed up to DiDi, taking 21k DiDi Hero rides
  • DiDi saw an 8% increase in brand favourability and 6% increase in DiDi supporting drivers and likelihood to recommend.
  • The hero video delivered 10.7M impressions (4.1M above KPI), almost 2M engagements and a strong 8.64% ad recall.