Netflix ‘Christmas Inboxing’

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Netflix Klaus case study

The Brief

Netflix was about to launch its new animated Christmas movie, Klaus. To spread the Christmas spirit, they decided to make it available for free to everyone, including non-subscribers, for an entire weekend.


Christmas has become a very commercial holiday. People feel like it’s more about getting the best presents, and less about spending time with loved ones, showing love and gratitude. But kids lose their passion and excitement after opening their 10th gift.


We decided to challenge families of influencers to shake things upside down. Rather than the usual unboxing of gifts, we invited them to do an ‘inboxing’: filling an empty box with gifts and toys to be donated to the ones who needed it the most. By focusing on giving, rather than receiving, we brought back the true meaning of Christmas.


Spreading love and generosity

Over 10,000 gifts donated to brighten up another family’s Christmas.

Engaging the community

Influencer content drove 1.3M views on YouTube, and 14,000 mentions of the campaign on social media

Starting a movement

Inboxing videos trended on YouTube, end even the competition joined the initiative.

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