We Are Social’s Monday Mashup #605


Elon Musk takes control of Twitter
It’s been a story of highs and lows, but Elon Musk has finally completed his $44bn takeover of Twitter. Following the news, a number of top executives were fired. There’s been plenty of speculation over what this will mean for the platform, with rumours including revamping the verification system to include a monthly fee, longer videos, and the return of banned ex-US President, Donald Trump. What will Twitter look like under Musk? Only time will tell.

YouTube is making its differing video content easier to find
The easier the better. YouTube is introducing a redesign that splits video content into three different tabs on all channel pages. One will be for the channel’s traditional long-form content, another for YouTube Shorts and the third for Live videos. This will allow users to differentiate more easily between the types of content they wish to access on the platform. The update also means that Shorts content and Live streams will no longer be found in the main Videos tab on the channel page, keeping it separate from traditional YouTube content. 

Snapchat unveils Director Mode
Fancy yourself a bit of a director? Now Snapchat is giving you the chance to put these skills to the test with Director Mode, a handful of new features for filming and editing videos on the platform. The Green Screen tool allows users to record videos with a background, whilst a dual camera (think BeReal) allows users to take a front and back-facing photo or video simultaneously. Other tools include quick edit and a camera speed feature. Lights, camera, action!

YouTube will let doctors and nurses apply to be labelled as reliable
Are you a healthcare professional looking to spread your wisdom on YouTube? You can now apply to get panels added to your videos that mark them as reliable health information sources. Licensed doctors, nurses, psychologists, marriage and family therapists, as well as social workers, are all eligible for the feature. This means that anyone who views these videos can see that the information provided is medically sound and accurate. The next step in YouTube’s battle against misinformation is bound to put minds at ease.

Snapchat reduces payouts for Spotlight creators
From millions a day to millions per year. Snapchat is changing the way it pays creators through its Spotlight reward fund. Despite the amount being paid out being lowered, the channel is paying more creators in more markets. Last year, Snapchat paid $250 million to over 1,000 creators. Halloween is a big opportunity for those creators, with the platform announcing it’s awarding a total of $100,00 across 12 Spotlight Challenges to mark the occasion. There’s nothing spooky about that!