The changing face of privacy: marketing to a data conscious audience

As consumers become increasingly aware of their rights when it comes to the data they hand over to brands every day, and the media’s scrutiny on poor data practices continues to grow, We Are Social is hosting an event at our London HQ on the 30th May from 8.30am looking at what brands need to know when it comes to marketing to a data conscious audience.

Times are changing for the social media giants and so is the relationship they hold with their users. Following a string of recent scandals, ‘revelations’ and #DeleteFacebook campaigns all focused around data capture and management techniques; transparency and trust has been thrust into the minds of avid social media users and consumers across the globe.

The resulting fall out has highlighted the need for brands to be more open with how they gather and use data across the board, not just on social. This renewed consumer interest in data privacy also proves the need for more rigorous due diligence around the provenance of data and the levels of consent associated with it.

Now more than ever, there is a key opportunity for brands to stand out and demonstrate the positives of secure and intelligent data use, while at the same time proving their integrity.

With growing consumer awareness of their rights online and an increased focus on brand misuse of data, as well as the new GDPR regulations soon to take effect, there will no longer be wiggle room for ‘slip ups’ or ‘oops, we didn’t know’ when it comes to how brands handle the data they’re entrusted with.

During this session, our Head of R&I Paul Greenwood will be hosting a panel discussion with Spredfast’s Director of Market Strategy Anurag Abinashi, Thomas Cook’s Head of International Brand Partnerships Ben Holland and Reebok UK’s Fitness and Training Manager | Brand Marketing and Activation, Eleanor Carter-Silk; to uncover the latest consumer trends when it comes to managing data and privacy online, the key updates brands need to be aware of, and how marketers can avoid those potentially brand ruining mistakes.

Join us on the 30th May from 8.30am to discover how to navigate consumer data in a world of increased scrutiny, mistrust and user generated privacy. Sign up now.