Special Report

Think Forward 2021

An actionable deep dive into emerging socially-led cultural shifts

The Social Reset

We connect people with brands in a meaningful way to maximise their cultural impact.

Now in its sixth year, or annual trend report unpicks the complex and ever-shifting web of consumer behaviour online, and explores the role brands can play in reflecting and shaping it. Compiled by our team of cultural insight experts from each of our 15 international offices, the 2021 report adds global context to local trends.

In 2020, the social landscape has been disrupted beyond recognition. Bolstered by the cultural headwinds of an increasingly visible climate crisis, a global pandemic, and a civil rights movement, our relationship with these channels has undergone an irreversible transformation – for better and for worse. As we move forward, people and brands alike will be forced to relearn how to use social in line with these shifts.

key takeouts

The Simple Life

People are using social to reconnect with their core values.

Practical Advocacy

People are finding practical ways to mobilise from within their feeds.

In-Feed Intimacy

People are finding ways to humanise their digital connections.

Reliable Idols

People want public figures to use their platform responsibly.

Unbound Platforms

People are diversifying the ways they engage with social.

Open-Source Creativity

People are engaging with more collaborative forms of content creation.

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