The Week According to the Internet #23



This week; the Internet does April Fools, Hadoken-ing versus Vader-ing and the most annoying teenager on Instagram. 

Have a look at what everyone’s talking about this week.

GENIUS: Arthur C. Clarke predicts the Internet in 1974.

EXPLODED: This guy doesn’t want anymore Peeps.

ABBREVIATED: Pay for vowels? April Fools from Twttr. 

LOATHED: Meet Lavish, the worst teenager on Instagram.  

HADOKEN-ING: Japan’s hottest new meme.

VADER-ING: Trying to out-do Hadoken-ing

EXCITED: Psyche yourself up for The Wolverine.

SURPRISE: YouTube is finally ready to select a winner.

FOUND: Disney Pixar are finally Finding Dory.

DANCE OFF: Beyonce battles her past selves for Pepsi.

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