Global YouTube star’s Valentines Day date goes horribly wrong…

Client work

You know how it is, you’re getting ready for your big Valentines Day date and then you get bitten by a Zombie.

Well maybe you don’t know exactly but luckily global YouTube sensation Jamie Curry can fill you in on what it’s like.

For the release of Pride and Prejudice and Zombies in Australia on Feb 25, we wanted to capitalize on the most romantic day of the year. Working with Jamie, we caused a social media storm by transforming her into a zombie in her latest Snapchat story.

Social insights and behavioural analysis of the target audience indicated three things: that Snapchat is the fastest-growing and preferred platform for teenage girls in Australia; Jamie Curry is the most respected and followed influencer; and – most interestingly – that the term ‘finding your Mr. Darcy’ is used in common vernacular when talking about finding the perfect partner.

Jamie’s preparation for a date with her very own Mr Darcy rolled out in a series of Snaps and started out with what she thought was an innocent neck rash.

Concerned fans voiced their opinions about her wellbeing on Jamie’s social channels as her transformation took a dark turn.

Jamie’s transformation was watched by more than 65,000 of Jamie’s Snapchat followers in less than 24 hours. The Snaps were then packaged as a video and shared on Jamie’s Facebook channel, which has more than 10 million fans and has had more than 1.2M views since posting.