We Are Social’s Monday Mashup #616

Kyle Loretan

Twitter charges $1,000 per month for gold badges

It has been reported that Twitter is going to start charging brands a $1,000 monthly fee. Although it is unclear when, businesses who don’t pay will lose their gold verified badges. Twitter rolled out the gold badges ahead of its verification for organizations program (formerly Blue for Business), allowing companies to distinguish themselves. Twitter could also charge an additional $50/month for any account affiliated with the business to obtain a badge.

TikTok tests ‘Refresh’ to reset For You 

TikTok is testing out a new feature called Refresh to completely refresh your feed. The algorithm will start over, serving you videos based on how you use the app after you press the button. This could be useful if your feed hasn’t been as entertaining as you’d like – or consists of too much of the same thing. Maybe from that one time you went down the Crime Tok rabbit hole, or when you got lost scrolling trying to figure out if Austin Butler’s voice is real. Whatever it may be, you’ll be able to start over soon, if you want. But for now, the test will only be available to a small group of users.

Telegram update lets users translate entire chats, and more

The latest update available for Telegram’s iOS app includes 10 new features. One of those being that premium users will now be able to translate entire chats, groups and channels in real time by tapping the Translate button at the top. You can choose which languages you want to be translated, and all users have the option to translate individual messages by selecting them and hitting ‘Translate’. Other updates include Profile Picture maker, more interactive emojis, chat selection for bots, re-login with Apple and Google ID, and an annual subscription option to premium with up to 40% off.

Digital 2023 Webinar

Digital 2023 has landed and holds 465 pages of digital, social, mobile and eCommerce data and trends. Sign up here for the webinar as we’ll be providing an in-depth analysis of how digital behaviours have changed in the past 12 months and advice on how brands can navigate the ever-shifting digital landscape in 2023.